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The Art of Being a Team Player

The Art of Being a Team Player: Jhelyn Melegrito

Step into Jhelyn Melegrito’s dynamic world of telecommunications and e-commerce, where being a team player is the ultimate key to thriving. In this blog, let’s walk with Jhelyn Melegrito, an executive assistant a compelling demonstrates the art of being a team player at its finest.

Being a Team Player

The Foundation of Learning and Growth

Jhelyn embarked on her journey armed with a Bachelor’s degree, focusing on her passion for project management. She was interested in business expansion and systems innovation.

This executive assistant was enthralled in the workings of project management, closely working with project managers. She delved into the fundamental principles, tools, and methodologies that underpin the field. 

These experiences provided valuable insights into project team dynamics, effective communication, and adept stakeholder management. 

It was here that she honed her time management skills, recognizing the critical importance of punctuality and efficiency when handling projects with tight schedules.

Jhelyn’s path was paved with a series of roles until she became a project manager, each serving as a stepping stone to the next. She built upon the skills and experiences of the past and prepared her for future challenges. 

Being a Team Player in a Remote Team

The MOVE Experience

What Jhelyn enjoys most about her journey with MOVE is the opportunity to meet new people and assist them to the best of her abilities. 

Learning from training and assessments is an essential part of her growth, but it’s the engagement and activities shared with her colleagues that truly stand out. These interactions, whether they result in victory or defeat, are moments for sharing life stories, successes, and self-motivation.

With MOVE, Jhelyn’s usually starts her day with a well-orchestrated blend of tasks, all crucial in ensuring the smooth functioning of her team. She meticulously logs hours and prepares her workspace, where she tackles tasks related to dispute processing and compliance.

Her duties often involve resolving compliance disputes, readying sites and applications, and staying in touch with colleagues to stay updated on the latest developments. 

With a keen eye, throughout the day, Jhelyn’s role requires her to review, assess, and gather information, all while documenting responses to provide updates on the status of disputes. 

Her work is a delicate balance of empathy, research, and documentation, all aimed at finding equitable and sustainable resolutions to debt disputes while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations.

Skills That Make a Difference

In her role, Jhelyn’s skills in data entry and her remarkable ability to learn quickly shine brightly. These competencies are invaluable in her daily tasks, particularly when it comes to documenting notes and resolving disputes. 

The meticulousness required in data entry ensures that information is accurate and up-to-date, a crucial aspect of her role.

Being a Team Player

The Fulfillment of Empowering Others

For Jhelyn, the most fulfilling aspects of her job revolve around assisting people in navigating the complexities of debt disputes. 

Her work not only alleviates stress and improves their financial situations but also restores a sense of control and peace of mind. 

The joy of helping her team at Genesis resolve disputes, especially during high-pressure periods, adds a layer of fulfillment to her work.

Furthermore, as one of the founding members of Team Genesis at MOVE, Jhelyn has the privilege of sharing her knowledge and expertise with new team members. The exchange of insights and engagement with newcomers is an enriching experience that she cherishes.

Being a Team Player in a Remote Team

Final Thoughts

Jhelyn Melegrito exemplifies the art of being a team player in the telecommunications and e-commerce industry. Her journey from a foundation of learning to a role where she empowers others is a testament to her adaptability, communication skills, and commitment to growth. 

As she continues to navigate the dynamic landscape of her industry, her dedication to being a team player remains unwavering. Fate may have brought her to MOVE, but it’s her unwavering commitment to her role and her colleagues that make her an invaluable asset to the team.

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