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Flexibility in Action

Flexibility in Action: Allyson Marie Llarenas’s Story

Allyson “Ali” Llarenas, armed with an Associate Degree in Information Technology, agreed to share a part of her life with the MOVE family. With a love for baking, and a deep appreciation for Marvel movies— she has numerous dimensions to her aside from being a full-time virtual employee. However, in this blog, we’ll step into Ali’s journey as a virtual employee, and how she honed her skills and connected with MOVE. Displaying her flexibility in action, she shows her dedication as a topnotch executive assistant.

Skills Learn from Flexibility in Action

Ali embarked on her career in the BPO sector, assuming the role of a Customer Service Representative. This role required a diverse skill set, including multitasking, active listening, empathy, and effective communication. Mastering telephone conversations and written interactions through emails and chats became second nature to her. With real-world experiences, Ali transformed into a customer service expert, excelling in both verbal and written communication.

Throughout her career, Ali cultivated a treasure trove of skills that she developed with her flexibility in action. Her English proficiency, both spoken and written, soared, enabling eloquent and effective communication. She became proficient in using various tools, from CRM systems to Microsoft and Google applications, bolstering her technological prowess. Her experience in customer service honed skills like multitasking, active listening, empathizing, and maintaining a warm yet professional demeanor across various communication channels. These experiences collectively shaped her expertise her flexibility in action.

Flexibility in Action

The Power of Flexibility

In her current role as an Executive Assistant, Ali firmly believes that flexibility is the key to her effectiveness. Adaptability enables her to tackle diverse tasks efficiently and build trust with clients. This trust stems from the confidence that Ali can handle any challenge and deliver optimal results. Her adaptability allows her to seamlessly navigate evolving situations, making it easier to anticipate and meet changing needs, benefiting both the organization and clients. Ultimately, this skill enhances not only Ali’s productivity but also the overall success of the team and projects.

Flexibility in Action

Ali and her MOVE Story

Ali’s day at MOVE kicks off with a steaming cup of coffee and a brief stretching routine to prepare for the day’s challenges. Her main responsibility involves handling email disputes for her client, requiring intense concentration, flexibility in action and mental acuity. She ensures a distraction-free workspace to guarantee efficiency. Ali takes a proactive approach, asking questions when needed and consistently updating the progress tracker to maintain transparency and foster smooth collaboration.

Passion into Profit - Validate Your Business Idea

Ali’s job at MOVE offers her two deeply fulfilling aspects. First, the opportunity to continuously learn and collaborate with diverse individuals worldwide enriches her professional growth. Global collaboration broadens her perspective and enhances her skills in unexpected ways.
Secondly, fulfillment comes from achieving daily targets with adaptibility, actively contributing to the growth of her client’s business. Knowing that her efforts directly impact the client’s success provides a profound sense of accomplishment. This tangible contribution reinforces Ali’s dedication, making each day at MOVE incredibly rewarding and motivating.

Flexibility in Action

Ali’s favorite part about MOVE undoubtedly lies in the bi-weekly Coffee Sessions. These virtual gatherings create a unique opportunity to connect with fellow virtual employees, share laughter, and jokes, and relieve stress in a relaxed setting. It fosters a sense of camaraderie that transcends virtual boundaries, making the work experience at MOVE incredibly enjoyable and fulfilling.
Ali chose MOVE because of its promising and thriving environment. MOVE’s comprehensive support for its employees, including financial allowances, government contributions, ample vacation leaves, and intensive training programs, convinced Ali that this is the ideal place to further her career. The company’s dedication to nurturing its employees’ skills and well-being made the choice crystal clear.

Flexibility in Action


Allyson Llarenas embodies the spirit of flexibility in action. Her journey, skills, and unwavering dedication serve as a testament to the importance of flexibility in today’s ever-evolving remote work landscape. Ali’s story stands as an inspiration for all aspiring professionals seeking to thrive in dynamic environments. Approach hiring virtual employees with a reliable partner on your side with Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees or MOVE. Reach out and follow us on Facebook to gain insights on your outsourcing journey.