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good virtual employee

10 Qualities that Make a Good Virtual Employee

The concept of the “good virtual employee” is incredibly important in remote team operations. As more and more businesses embrace remote and online work arrangements, you need to assess the characteristics to build a high-performing team.

good virtual employee


A good virtual employee is self-motivated, capable of staying on track, or productive in the absence of direct supervision. Good virtual employees are masters of self-motivation. They don’t rely on external factors to stay productive; they have an internal drive that propels them to complete tasks and meet deadlines.

Time Management

Time is a valuable commodity in remote work. Employees need to be good at this skill to get their work done despite the distance. In the virtual realm, time management is more than a skill; it’s a lifeline. Effective time management ensures that tasks are completed efficiently, even without a physical office structure.

Communication Skills

Communication is the cornerstone of remote work. Good virtual employees excel at both written and verbal communication, fostering strong connections with colleagues and supervisors.

Research shows that 72% of business executives value effective communication for team productivity.


Being tech-savvy is a non-negotiable quality for virtual employees. Proficiency with digital tools and platforms is crucial for performing tasks and collaborating effectively.

good virtual employee


Virtual work environments can change rapidly, and good virtual employees roll with the punches. They adapt to new tools, processes, and work conditions with ease.


A good virtual employee can work well independently and make decisions without constant guidance. They don’t require constant hand-holding. They can work independently, make decisions, and manage their tasks autonomously.


Virtual workers often encounter unique challenges, and problem-solving skills are vital. Remote work comes with unique challenges, whether it’s technical issues or project roadblocks. A good virtual employee excels at problem-solving, finding solutions and workarounds.


Digital clutter is a real concern for virtual workers. Staying organized, both in terms of files and schedules, is vital for maintaining productivity. Keeping digital files, tasks, and schedules organized is essential for productivity.


Dependability is a hallmark of a good virtual employee. Employers might be hesitant about trusting remote workers with deadlines, showing up for virtual meetings on time, and consistently delivering quality work. Consequently, virtual employees must be dependable and meet deadlines consistently.


In a virtual setting, communication is often asynchronous. Initiating communication and providing updates are critical for remote teamwork. High-performers don’t wait for others to reach out; they proactively initiate communication and provide updates, fostering teamwork and transparency.

good virtual employee

The Bottom Line

Remote work entails more than simply being physically separated from the workplace; it also entails bridging that gap with a distinct set of talents and traits. By looking for these qualities in the virtual assistants you hire you prepare your business for success. 

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