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Outsourcing Your Investment Firm's Functions

Outsourcing Your Investment Firm’s Functions: A Comprehensive Guide

Outsourcing Your Investment Firm’s Functions: A Comprehensive Guide

There are numerous processes that must be accomplished within investment firms. From conducting research on investment opportunities to handling client portfolios— anyone can see the need for a high influx of personnel at an investment firm. How do you manage on your own? Let outsourcing be the helping hand to reduce your workload while increasing your cost savings. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how you can start outsourcing your investment firm’s functions.

Why Should You Outsource Your Investment Firm’s Functions

There are a host of benefits to outsourcing your investment firm’s functions. These are some advantages of outsourcing:

Optimal Risk Management.

When you delegate functions such as accounting and bookkeeping or marketing to another company you allow them to fully focus on providing the specialized services that ensure your success and regulation compliance. Thus, you minimize the risk of errors and non-compliance in the accounting department and unsuccessful advertising campaigns in your marketing efforts.

Increased Cost-effectiveness.

Working with an outsourcing partner can save you money in two ways. First, you will have more time to earn money. Second, you will be able to hire employees overseas where their cost of living is much lower than yours and thus you can spend less on salaries.


The only certainty of business is how uncertain it is and having an outsourcing team to cover the busy seasons makes sure you and your investment firm are ready for any possibility. The scalability of outsourcing provides you with the support you need when you need it.

Functions Investment Firms Can Start Outsourcing

Accounting and Bookkeeping.

With the documentation and accuracy that comes with accounting and bookkeeping, investment firms can ideally outsource the two functions. These tasks require the kind of expertise and meticulous effort that outsourced employees can provide.

Information and Technology Support.

It is integral to the company’s operations that the proper software is used to conduct investment practices. Meanwhile, the cybersecurity involved in running an investment company can require specialized skills and equipment that usually only a good hotel can get you.

Marketing and Communications.

Outsource your content creation, web design, public relations, and other marketing efforts so you can focus on your core business functions.


Investment firms engage in in-depth research for their investments. Outsourced employees can help you with the necessary weeding out of information and compilation of data. They can conduct critical research on individual companies, industries, and financial markets so you don’t have to.

Step-by-Step Guide to Outsourcing Your Investment Firm Functions

Decide on the extent of your outsourcing.

Will you bring in an entirely new team? Will you hire supporting members? What does the level of involvement look like for your outsourcing partner? Choose what is best for you and your business.

Identify the functions you plan to outsource.

Look into which functions you and your in-house team might need assistance in or where you lack expertise. The functions often outsourced for investment firms include compliance, legal services, compliance, and IT support. You can then put all of your energy toward improving the business aspect or client servicing department of your labor force.

Choose a trustworthy outsourcing partner.

This might be the most important part of your outsourcing journey. You will need to find a reliable outsourcing provider. To do this, you can look for the customer reviews of your potential outsourcing partners and explore the services, rates, and values of the company to ensure you both have similar perspectives on work ethic and how to handle clients. Another option is to look for references from other businesses that also outsource some of their functions.

Build your communication platforms.

Whether you use Slack, Asana, or there will be communication programs and project management software for you to be able to send messages and receive updates about outsourcing activities.

Be specific about the job descriptions to be outsourced.

This might be an optional step for you; however, this is a chance for you to share your experience about the different functions to be outsourced. Write clear and specific job descriptions that can explain the quality and KPIs you want to see in your outsourced employees.

Follow up and provide feedback.

Yes, you may have left your customer service or your accounting and bookkeeping to your outsourcing partner. However, it pays to have some interest in their operations regularly. Keep track of KPIs and look into the progress of the outsourced employees and their performance.

The Bottom Line

Investment companies can do a lot with the support of an outsourcing partner. They can focus on their core business functions and leave the rest to reliable outsourced employees who not only work efficiently but also add to the cost-savings of the business.

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