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Passion for Communication: Maiza Ilustrisimo

Passion for Communication: Maiza Ilustrisimo

Starting her day out fresh in email inboxes, sending messages, and organizing text, Maiza Ilustrisimo has a passion for communication. From her academic background to her executive assistant role— she helps coordinate and connect with her clients, team members, and MOVE mates. This feature article will cover her story from her early days as a virtual assistant to her current passion for streamlining correspondence, data entry, and workflows. 


After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication, Maiza kicked off her virtual employee journey with a two-year role as a Lead Conversion and Communication Specialist. This initial experience laid the foundation for her professional skills. She focused on developing her passion for communication, customer service expertise, and lead conversion skills. 

These talents would prove invaluable in her subsequent role as an executive assistant to a high-level executive, where organizational and time management, confidentiality handling, and managing complex projects became her daily bread and butter.

Out of Maiza’s different qualities, her key strengths throughout these early experiences until her current steps speak of her effective communication. She stands out with her ability to build relationships, collaborate, and convey her messages clearly. She ensures everyone around her is heard and that she also speaks up when it is beneficial for her client’s goals or needs— without disregarding data protection. 

Furthermore, Maiza’s commitment to continuous learning played a pivotal role in her growth. She actively pursued online courses and workshops, resulting in a well-rounded skill set encompassing project management, time management, and adaptability. This executive assistant exemplifies the importance of investing in one’s development to thrive in the virtual workspace.

MOVE-ing up

Maiza’s journey would not be complete without her love for MOVE, Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees. Without empathy, there would be no communication— and that’s what Maiza loves about being at MOVE. The group promotes a nurturing work culture where everyone’s well-being is taken into account. 

“It’s a place where I feel valued, empowered, and motivated to contribute my best, and that’s why I’m proud to be a part of MOVE,Maiza expressed in her interview. Still, she certainly prioritizes work, sharing her typical day with us. 

This executive assistant’s tasks include data entry and email management, both of which require precision and organization. She approaches her day by structuring it meticulously, allocating specific time blocks for data entry to ensure accuracy and productivity. For email management, she employs smart strategies like filters, labels, and templates, streamlining communication and allowing her to handle routine correspondence efficiently.

Regularly reviewing and updating her task list helps Maiza adapt to shifting priorities, ensuring that she stays on track throughout the day. Collaboration and coordination with colleagues are also integral in optimizing workflows. These daily rituals not only showcase her skills but also contribute to MOVE’s seamless operations.

Passion for Communication

Building Relationships for Success

What truly fulfills Maiza in her role at MOVE is client satisfaction. Witnessing clients achieve their goals and the positive impact of MOVE’s services on their businesses brings immense satisfaction. The relationships she builds and the trust her clients place in the team are equally gratifying. Maiza takes pride in knowing that she’s provided valuable solutions and made a difference in her clients’ journeys. Her role forges meaningful connections and drives successful outcomes for their clients.

The Bottom Line

With Maiza Ilustrisimo, we find not just a skilled virtual employee but also a dedicated individual who balances her professional growth with her passion for communication and empathy. Her camaraderie with MOVE exemplifies how the virtual workplace can nurture talent, foster personal development, and create a sense of belonging. Maiza’s story reminds us that even in the online workspace, the human touch and commitment to growth remain at the heart of success.

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