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Redundancies in Your IT Support Team: Boon or Bane?

Redundancies In Your IT Support Team: Boon or Bane?

Your IT support team is a crucial part of your business processes, especially considering today’s reliance on digital operations. With business trends looking at an emphasis on data security, problem response, and improving technological infrastructure, you might need to consider adding more employees to your team. In these cases, you can look into MOVE insourcing as your way to outsource this function and whether it’s the right choice for your company. This article will tackle the benefits and risks to ponder before you jump into MOVE insourcing. 

Advantages of MOVE Insourcing Your IT Support Team

Increased Speed

Rapid problem response is one of the main benefits of having redundancies in an IT support team. A certain position can be filled by several qualified individuals who can cooperate and divide the workload, preventing any single point of failure from affecting the entire support system. A Spiceworks survey reported that businesses with redundant IT staff workers reported a 30% reduction in problem resolution time on average compared to companies without redundancies. This increased speed reduces downtime while also increasing overall efficiency.

Mitigating Risks 

Once you have several IT members who know the processes that keep your business going, there won’t be too much to cover in the event that one of your other IT personnel is absent. With the increased number of hands-on your team, any absence can easily be covered by another team member. You will not need to halt any of your crucial operations due to an employee’s illness, turnover, or emergency situation. Other experts can take over easily since they are already familiar with your operations, preventing any setbacks. 

Elevated Knowledge Sharing and Skill Development

An insourcing provider can help strengthen your business’s redundancy efforts which allows you to draw from a variety of different experts in unique IT tasks whether they specialize in security support, cloud support, etc. Not only can your in-house and MOVE insourced IT employees collaborate on complex projects which can improve their services, they can also share their knowledge and skills with one another which fosters continuous professional growth. This can possibly increase the productivity of your employees. According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, companies that actively promoted knowledge sharing within their teams boosted their productivity by 25% over those that did not prioritize these kinds of initiatives.

Strengthening Cybersecurity Measures

Businesses of all sizes face serious risks from cybersecurity threats. Redundant IT assistance can considerably improve a company’s capacity to effectively counter such threats. Potential weaknesses can be quickly detected and fixed with a layered approach to security, with different parts of cybersecurity being overseen by different specialists. Additionally, redundant IT support staff can promptly react to any suspicious behavior, apply security patches, and monitor systems proactively, protecting vital data and reducing the risk of data breaches.

Scaling and Flexibility

Redundancies in an IT support team can also add an element of scalability and flexibility to your business. Growing businesses will continue to expand their IT support as well and MOVE insourcing can provide you with the option of bringing in more experts to help you— taking the load off of your in-house team. Task allocation will be much more flexible, which can allow you and your in-house team to focus on other core functions in your business. 

Disadvantages to MOVE Insourcing Your IT Support Team

Communication Barriers

Those who fear the prospect of outsourcing will point to communication issues when it comes to relying on an external service provider. This can be either in terms of language, culture or as a result of not being in the same physical space. Lastly, since outsourced employees might not be as familiar with the goals and identity of a company, they could also have communication problems when they do not adhere to company culture. 

There are two arguments against communication barriers from outsourcing. First is that you can opt to work with MOVE insourced employees from countries that are predominantly fluent in English. An example would be the Philippines boasting a 2nd place spot in Asia on 2020 English Proficiency Index. Furthermore, since Filipinos are often exposed to Western culture at a young age, cultural fit is not an issue. Other than the natural suitability of a country as an outsourcing option, you can also choose to train MOVE-insourced employees— or a MOVE insourcing partner can do that for you. 

Reduced Control

By relying on MOVE Insourcing, you are giving some control over to an external party to provide your IT support services. Decision-making will not be in your hands alone. This can be challenging for some business owners who want things a specific way, especially in terms of their IT infrastructure. You can choose to increase the collaboration between you and your partner or provide specific details of how you want your IT support to look like so they can tailor-fit their services to your needs. 

Confidentiality Risks

Organizations frequently need to grant access to sensitive data and systems to the service provider when outsourcing IT support. Data security and confidentiality are raised by this. Unauthorized access to private data, possible data breaches, or improper treatment of confidential data are all possible risks. To ensure proper protection of sensitive data, it is essential to examine the service provider’s security policies and procedures carefully.

The Bottomline

Outsourcing IT support crew redundancies can be a huge benefit for businesses, reducing risks and boosting productivity. It is critical to have numerous people in IT support, as evidenced by the benefits of accelerated problem resolution. Accordingly, continuity, knowledge sharing, stronger cybersecurity measures, and scalability. 

You can protect their technological infrastructure, boost productivity, and maintain an edge in the cutthroat digital environment by embracing redundancy and utilizing the knowledge of MOVE-insourced IT support providers. MOVE connects you with excellent virtual IT employees that create redundancies and mitigate your risks and support your team.

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