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A Light for Great Talent: Sharlene Tan

Being a light for great talent— this is every recruiter’s goal. Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees (MOVE) has our shining beacon in Sharlene Tan’s cheerful attitude and unflinching determination. Known as the “Sunshine” at MOVE, Sharlene’s contagious optimism motivates remote workers and creates an atmosphere where excellence flourishes.

Shining Light for Great Talent

A Fresh Approach to MOVE

Sharlene was a light for great talent even before joining MOVE, sharing her previous recruitment experiences. When she had just finished a contract, she happened upon the Executive Assistant job posting at MOVE. An interview was scheduled as soon as possible after her application was promptly called. Sharlene was nervous at first, but the interviewers were struck by her sincere personality and qualifications. By the end of the interview, and Ms. Anne and Ms. Fae were excited to onboard her. She accepted, of course, anxious to shed further light on MOVE’s first year as an outsourcing partner.

Shining Light for Great Talent

Finding Glowing Talent 

Sharlene plays a different kind of recruiter for MOVE than the typical one. She arranges experiences to make sure every professional finds a place, rather than just matching resumes to job descriptions. Her strategy is centered on establishing relationships that promote development, making every chance for hiring a demonstration of her capacity to be a light for great talent.

A Personal Glow-Up at MOVESharlene’s experience with MOVE is a story of personal growth. She has courageously grappled with anxiety and depression until she found a home at MOVE. But she rediscovers her love for life and her passion for her work in a supportive environment. 

Sharlene’s Tips on Hiring Fantastic Virtual Employees

Sharlene freely shares her top five recruitment insights which has made her a light for great talent:

Clear Job Requirements: Clarity in job specifications is paramount to ensuring optimal alignment between candidates and organizational needs.

Diverse Sourcing Channels: Comprehensive outreach across multiple online platforms is essential to identify and engage with a broad spectrum of potential candidates.

Thorough Resume Review: A meticulous examination of each resume guarantees a comprehensive understanding of the candidate’s qualifications and experiences.

Structured Interviews: Standardized questioning methodologies ensure an equitable assessment of all candidates, promoting fairness in the selection process.

Background Checks: Rigorous verification procedures uphold the integrity of the hiring process, ensuring candidates’ credentials are accurate and genuine.

The Sunshine of MOVE

Sharlene’s presence at MOVE always comes with optimism. Her upbeat approach inspires remote workers and fosters an environment where talent blossoms. Each recruitment success story highlights her function as a guiding light for great talent. Sharlene Tan’s cheerful and resilient attitude serves as a beacon of hope for everyone at MOVE, guaranteeing that talent always finds a home.