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The Shift to Outsourcing in the Real Estate Industry

The Shift to Outsourcing in the Real Estate Industry: Why There’s a Clamor to Hire Filipino Professionals

How can you unlock a revolutionary business strategy that has become prominent in the real estate industry? Explore how the increasingly popular trend of outsourcing can impact your real estate business and why the Philippines is the best location for your endeavors. This article will dive into the reasons and effects of your access to excellent talent and boosted cost savings through outsourcing Filipino professionals.

6 Reasons Your Real Estate Firm Should Outsource to the Philippines

English Language Mastery

The Philippines is known as one of the top outsourcing hubs because of Filipinos’ exposure to the English language. This has landed the country in the 27th spot out of 100 countries on the EF English Proficiency Index, indicating their overall exceptional mastery of the language. The Philippine education system teaches English from a young age which allows Filipino professionals to communicate proficiently.

In the real estate industry communication is incredibly important to deliver accurate and complete information to potential buyers. Thus, hiring outsourced employees who speak and write in fluent English is essential to reach your business goals.

Cultural Compatibility

According to a fact sheet by the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs, historical and cultural factors connect the United States and the Philippines. This is evident not only in the prominence of the English language in the Philippines but also in Filipinos’ appreciation and immersion in Western culture. Consequently, Filipino outsourced workers are open to American culture and can easily adapt to working with American business owners as well handle Western clientele which is a relevant aspect in communicating with real estate work.

Cost-Effective Talent

A 2021 Colliers International report points to a 70% rise in cost savings when Western business owners hire employees in the Philippines rather than locally. The lower cost of living in the Philippines means you can provide a good salary for Filipino professionals at a lower cost. Ultimately, outsourcing can provide you with a larger workforce for a reduced amount of funds which can benefit real estate businesses during less busy seasons.

Loyalty and Strong Work Ethic

Filipino remote employees are known for their loyalty and strong work ethic. They want to do their best to grow their boss’s business and are genuinely committed to producing quality work. The Philippines is home to professionals who enjoy their work, especially since the rise of remote work during the pandemic. This is evidenced in the Global Workforce Happiness Index 2021 in which the country lands on one of the top spots. Filipinos are grateful for their jobs and will do their best to provide the results business owners want in a competitive industry such as real estate.

Specialized Skills and Expertise

The trends of professional work in the Philippines are skewed in favor of property management and project development as written in the 2021 Skills of the Modern Age (SOMA) Report by JobStreet Philippines. This indicates the growing market for these skills in the country.

The work that Filipinos produce can attest to their skills and expertise. Their robust educational system has contributed to a growing number of professionals who can deliver results, especially in the real estate industry.

Technological Infrastructures and Mindsets

Deloitte’s 2021 Digital Adoption Survey reports that 84% of professionals in the Philippines are tech-savvy, showcasing excellent digital fluency. The numbers support the ability of Filipino remote employees to leverage their abilities in favor of their virtual real estate endeavors.

Effects of Outsourcing to the Philippines on Real Estate Companies:

Outsourcing to the Philippines is a good decision because Filipinos’ conducive societal structure cultivates a strong connection between Filipino professionals and Western business owners. The suitable nature of this relationship has the following advantages:

Boosted Cost Savings.

When you as real estate business owners hire outsourced employees from the Philippines, you will see the cost advantage of working with more employees at a fraction of the cost. You can leverage your savings into other operational costs and increase profitability.

Improved Productivity.

When you work with professionals who are loyal and have a strong work ethic you can see increased efficiency in your operations. This can translate to faster turnaround times on tasks as well as high-quality outputs.

Unique Market Insights and Global Mindset.

Filipino remote employees will have a unique perspective on the industry and add their expertise to your repertoire. Their professional insight can help you come up with informed decisions that cater to an increasingly international and culturally-diverse real estate clientele.

Scalability and Flexibility.

Real estate will be able to benefit from the added flexibility that comes with virtual outsourced professionals in an increasingly changing landscape. You can easily make changes to your labor force during slower seasons and hire more employees during busy periods.

The Bottom Line on The Shift to Outsourcing in the Real Estate Industry: Why There’s a Clamor to Hire Filipino Professionals

Filipino Professionals can positively contribute to your real estate firm with their suitable cultural fit as well as excellent work ethic and expertise. You can enjoy the flexibility and added global insight to your workforce that can increase your efficiency, profitability, and productivity.

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