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Zophie Gadiana Aligning With Your Purpose

Zophie Gadiana: Aligning With Your Purpose

What helps you get up in the morning? For a lot of us, finding alignment with our purpose can be the first step toward the coffee mug. This is the same for Zophie Gadiana, a dedicated data entry specialist with Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees (MOVE). In this blog, Zophie shares her insights on how she discovered her calling and thrived in her role while aligning with her purpose.

Zophie’s Start in Data Entry

In 2011, Zophie embarked on her career journey in a B2B account. Reflecting on her beginnings, she recalls, “My main job was to do research, interview, and data entry. After that, I have been doing data entry since.”

Choosing MOVE: Purposeful Alignment with Lifestyle

For Zophie, the decision to join MOVE wasn’t solely about finding a job but about aligning with her purpose and lifestyle. “I chose to work with MOVE initially because of the PST schedule and the Data Entry Specialists job opening,” she explains.

Zophie’s skills were the right fit for MOVE’s clientele. Aside from her work ethic and immaculate English-speaking and writing skills, she also proved to be a perfect cultural fit for the Western audience we have at MOVE.

Cultivating Connection: Loving MOVE’s Culture

Despite working remotely, Zophie finds solace in MOVE’s team culture as well, particularly cherishing the coffee sessions and get-togethers. “These make me feel that somehow I have a working environment and colleagues that I can connect to even if I am just working from home,” she shares.

Impacting Businesses

Zophie emphasizes the importance of aligning with clients’ goals and delivering results promptly. “I believe that I should be aligned with the client’s goals and deliver results in a timely manner,” she asserts. VEs help their clients handle tasks that they don’t have the time for, allowing business leaders to focus on growing their revenue.

Finding Fulfillment: Going Beyond Expectations

Moreover, Zophie finds fulfillment when clients entrust her with additional tasks or projects beyond her usual scope. This shows she is up for the challenge— the type of driven attitude MOVE emphasizes from the start. “I am happy when the clients let me do tasks/projects other than what was usually assigned to me. I hope to get more of that and get better at it,” she expresses eagerly.

Final Thoughts

Zophie shows us what aligning with your purpose can do for your career and home life. Her story serves as an inspiration for those seeking fulfillment and meaningful impact in their professional endeavors.