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Virtual Assistant for Hire

Apply for a Virtual Assistant position with MOVE today and we'll help you match with a business that will require your skills and talent!

Welcome to MOVE, your gateway to a successful virtual career as a Virtual Assistant. If you possess skills and talent that can be leveraged remotely, we’re here to help you connect with businesses that require your expertise. With our platform, you can apply for various virtual assistant roles and embark on a fulfilling professional journey.

Our extensive list of Virtual Assistants for Hire covers a wide range of fields and specializations, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every skill set. Here are some of the virtual assistant roles available:


  • Executive Assistant: Provide high-level administrative support to executives.
  • Personal Assistant: Assist individuals with their daily tasks and schedules.
  • General Assistant: Offer versatile administrative support in various areas.
  • Data Entry: Accurately input and manage data for businesses.


  • Social Media Assistant/Manager: Help businesses manage their social media presence.
  • Digital Marketing Assistant/Manager: Assist with digital marketing campaigns and strategies.
  • Content Writer: Create compelling content for websites, blogs, and social media.
  • Podcast Assistant: Support podcast production and distribution.
  • Video Editor: Edit and produce engaging video content.
  • Graphic Designer: Create visually appealing designs for marketing materials.


  • Web Designer/Developer: Design and develop websites for businesses.
  • Front Stack Developer/Full Stack Developer: Build and maintain web applications.
  • Database Developer: Create and manage databases for businesses.
  • Application Developer: Develop software applications tailored to specific needs.


  • Desktop Helpdesk: Provide technical support to resolve desktop-related issues.
  • Network Administrator/Systems Administrator: Manage and maintain computer networks and systems.
  • Software Architect: Design and develop software solutions.
  • Cybersecurity: Implement measures to protect against online threats.


  • Loan Officer Assistant: Support loan officers in the mortgage lending process.
  • Underwriter/Underwriting Assistant: Evaluate and approve mortgage loan applications.
  • Loan Processor: Manage loan documentation and process applications.


  • ChatGPT Prompters/Midjourney Prompters: Assist in training AI models and generating conversational prompts.
  • AI Specialist: Offer expertise in artificial intelligence technologies.


  • Data Analyst: Analyze and interpret data to provide valuable insights.


  • CPA: Provide accounting services and expertise.
  • Bookkeeper: Manage financial records and transactions.
  • AR Specialist/AP Specialist: Handle accounts receivable/payable processes.


  • Operations Manager/Assistant: Oversee and support various operational activities.


  • Recruiter/Talent Acquisition Specialist: Assist in recruiting and hiring processes.
  • HR Assistant: Provide administrative support to the human resources department.


Apply for a Virtual Assistant position today with MOVE and unlock a world of opportunities where your skills and talent are in high demand. Start your virtual career journey now!

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