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Boost Profit

Boost Profit: Businesses and Virtual Employees

The online workspace has increasingly expanded over the 2020s. Businesses have chosen to thrive with the evolving trends or to stick to the office setup. But what can actually boost profit? This blog will tackle how virtual employees can financially benefit businesses. 

What are Virtual Employees?

Virtual employees are professionals equipped with skills to function within their fields and within the online workplace. They work from remote locations and utilize digital communication channels to perform their tasks. 

In a rapidly evolving business climate, the digital environment is now the primary venue for revenue generation. Virtual employees have the upper hand because they can easily navigate through advancing technological innovations. With the use of cloud-based systems, task management platforms, conferencing tools, and project management software, they can provide you with high-quality outcomes for your needs. 

How Can Virtual Employees Boost Profit?

There are numerous benefits to hiring virtual employees. Here are some ways they can boost profit:

Get more done in less time.

Virtual employees are masters of productivity. An experiment conducted by Stanford University reveals that there was a higher productivity rate of 13% for remote call center workers. In comparison with office workers, virtual employees had more calls per minute since they had a quieter background and took fewer breaks and sick days.

Slash your costs in half: boost profit.

There are several types of outsourcing to virtual employees including offshoring, onshoring, and nearshoring. These depend on where you outsource your employees. When you choose to offshore your core functions you can provide good salaries for your employees while still saving on your costs. Additionally, you won’t have to spend on overhead costs such as office space and equipment. This can boost your profits since you can spend more funds on increasing revenue instead. 

Boost profit with global talent.

Forbes cites Harvard Business Review, noting that diversity promotes financial success. The diversity that comes having virtual employees on your team give you access to various skill sets. Not only that, each person contributes experiences from their own countries and cultures, allowing everyone to pick up new knowledge and collaborate with unique experts. 

Benefit from work-life balance.

According to a survey by a career expert company, companies can spend up to $3,600 for each employee annually due to unplanned sick and vacation leaves. With the extra time virtual employees gain from their remote location, they are not prone to contributing to these statistics. Since they need less time to commute and they can be with their families at home, virtual employees can have a better work-life balance. Ultimately, they have access to more time to rest and recuperate to work productively during their shifts. 

Flex your flexibility while you increase revenue.

A virtual job platform reports that 57% of businesses chose to hire virtual employees for flexibility. With a constantly changing business landscape, businesses opt to hire virtual employees for specific periods of time, projects, or for a specialized skillset. The remote workspace allows for this staff-on-demand approach on a global scale.   

Frequently Asked Questions

How do companies benefit from remote workers and boost profit?

Companies can profit from remote workers’ expert-level skills and services while saving on overhead costs. Businesses can also benefit from the scalability that comes with hiring remotely. 

Does virtual work increase productivity?

Yes. Global Workplace Analytics affirms that remote employees are 35-40% more productive than office workers. Virtual employees are often professionals in their field and maximize the advanced technology and skill sets they possess. They can also work efficiently from a comfortable space with minimal distractions. Remote workers have reduced stress since they do not have long commuting hours and can work with an optimal amount of energy.

The Bottom Line

Embracing remote work trends can lead to increased profit, productivity, and flexibility. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to get ahead of the curve. Gain more insights on how virtual employees can work for you and your business. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn