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Can-Do Attitude

A Can-do Attitude: Fae Calizo’s Strength

Fae Calizo’s story is one that exemplifies a “Can-Do Attitude” in its truest form. This assistant manager’s persevering personality and radiating warmth has helped our community move forward while her skills continuously flourish. With a journey that is both inspiring and admirable, Fae showcases her resilience, skill development, and unwavering spirit. Read on and get to know MOVE’s cheerful assistant manager.


Starting Out: Resilience and Serendipity

Fae’s journey began more than a decade ago, back when Upwork was still known as oDesk. In the mid-2000s, she started her remote work career while juggling a full-time job as a Customer Service Representative (CSR) at a contact center. Her initial foray into the remote workspace involved data entry and copy-pasting tasks on a part-time basis. However, she couldn’t fully commit to it at the time because of her demanding CSR role.

Life took unexpected turns, and around a decade later, Fae found herself back in the world of remote work. This decision was driven by personal tragedy, the loss of her 6-month-old son to stillbirth. Fae had been a full-time mom for five years, which limited her job options to CSR or data entry roles.

On a poignant date, June 17, 2017, she landed a part-time remote job, a date that held a special significance as it was her late mother’s birthday. Fae saw this as a sign, a reminder from her mother to persevere and not give up, just as her mother had struggled with depression and life’s challenges. Five months later, another client recognized her potential and hired her for a full-time position, initially as a CSR for an Amazon seller. However, her abilities quickly stood out, leading to her promotion as an Executive Assistant. This role opened doors to learning and skill development, with her CEO sharing invaluable knowledge and tools.


Skill Evolution as a Self-Starter

Fae’s skills expanded exponentially through her earlier roles with her can-do-attitude. Her skills encompasses knowledge of tools like Airtable, Process Street, Zapier Automation, Quickbooks, and spreadsheet formulas. Unfortunately, her journey with her latest client came to an end when the business closed. But Fae’s resilience shone through as she moved on to her next client, a role that started as a CSR but evolved into an Executive Assistant and Office Manager. In this capacity, she managed three completely unique businesses: cleaning services, short-term rentals, and a pet store. Each industry brought a new set of challenges and tools to master.

As an independent worker, Fae was accustomed to handling tasks on her own, ensuring they were completed to her exacting standards. She believed in doing things her way. However, one of her most significant learnings came from managing small teams and delegating tasks. Patience became her ally as she patiently guided team members through processes and tasks, fostering an environment of collaboration and growth.

Move Your Biz VA Community

Choosing MOVE: A Supportive Community

Fae’s journey led her to MOVE, an outsourcing company where her “Can-Do Attitude” thrives. Her decision to join MOVE was serendipitous. She stumbled upon an invitation from Anne on the Online Filipino Freelancers group on Facebook. The experience at MOVE was a far cry from her previous encounters with outsourcing companies. Unlike most, MOVE offers fair compensation and a wealth of benefits. Most importantly, MOVE fosters a robust support system for team members, acknowledging the challenges they face and providing unwavering support.

Our assistant manager’s routine is filled with a whirlwind of meetings, administrative tasks, applicant sourcing, screenings, interviews, and coaching sessions. She often begins with an Operations Meeting, ensuring alignment with the company’s strategies. The role involves meticulous organization, and Fae thanks her General Manager, Anne, for introducing her to tools like the calendar and, which streamlined her tasks.

Two skills stand out as paramount in Fae’s role: time management and multitasking. These skills empower her to efficiently complete various tasks within designated timeframes, ensuring that MOVE operates smoothly.

Furthermore, Fae finds immense fulfillment in coaching sessions with team members. These interactions allow her to forge deeper connections and make a positive impact by sharing her personal experiences. In line with this, us MOVE family members often feel comfortable speaking with Fae about our concerns. Her approachable warmth and enlightening perspective helps many of us feel comfortable. Additionally, Fae often brings cheer to our days with presence in our MOVE Kulitan group chat, sharing inspirational quotes and jokes. She truly lights up all aspects of MOVE’s supportive community.

The Bottom Line

Fae Calizo has shown throughout her journey an unwavering spirit, adaptability, and determination to continually learn and grow. Her “Can-Do Attitude” serves as an inspiration to us all, proving that with resilience and the right mindset, we can conquer any challenge that comes our way. Fae embodies the ethos of MOVE, where empowerment and support fuel success.

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