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Choosing the Right Insourcing and Outsourcing Partner for Your Consulting Firm

Choosing the Right Insourcing and Outsourcing Partner for Your Consulting Firm

Do you feel as though your consulting firm is swamped with work lately? Consulting firms cover a wide range of services that often require highly specialized skills which can make it challenging to juggle the multitude of tasks thrown at you. This makes it all the more ideal for you to insource or outsource more employees, allowing you to have access to a larger labor force at a lower rate. You will need an insourcing or outsourcing partner that can provide you with reliable and competent employees so your team can see the results in your cost savings and revenue. This article will tackle the criteria of a good insourcing partner or outsourcing partner for your consulting firm and how this can help you in the long run.

What to Look for in an Ideal Insourcing or Outsourcing Partner for Your Consulting Firm


Communication is at the center of any insourcing relationship, especially since this is the driver of a positive workflow. It also puts you and your insourcing partner on the same page when it comes to work practices and goals. However, this area is sometimes a struggle for some small enterprises looking to insource.

According to a survey by Upcity, 21% of outsourced teams found it difficult to communicate. Don’t be scared to lose out on your cost savings and efficiency because of these statistics. Look into working with people who are ready and equipped with the tools to make great contributions to your consulting firm. This is why offshoring your services to the Philippines is a good idea. The country has the 4th highest number of English speakers worldwide which eliminates the language barrier that can intimidate companies who plan to insource employees.

Quality Assurance.

Although Deloitte’s Global Outsourcing Survey shows that businesses who insource see a reduction of company costs by 63%, quality should not be left on the back burner. So, it is important that you choose an insourcing partner that understands the importance of the quality of work your employees should be able to measure up to.

Choose an insourcing or outsourcing provider based on positive word-of-mouth feedback from fellow consulting firms and business owners or by reading their client’s feedback or testimonials on their page. Fellow business owners will be able to vouch for excellent work ethics and high-quality outputs.

Furthermore, knowing the performance evaluation process of your insourcing or outosurcing partner can help you understand how they keep track of the quality and competence of their employees. Be sure to discuss performance evaluations, key performance indicators, and the training programs they provide to continue improving their employees’ skills and performance.

Similar Goals.

You need to find an insourcing partner to want what you want for your business. Whether this means a better bottom line or higher customer satisfaction— choose a good fit for you and you will likely achieve the goals you want to.

Cultural Fit.

When it comes to collaboration and business, cultural fit does not only mean being from the same area of the world. Do you have the same values? Do you value collaboration or independence? Think about what kind of culture you have at your consulting firm and discern whether your prospective insourcing provider has a similar culture. It will be easier for both sides to work together if everyone comes in with similar expectations and passions.


Insourcing and outsourcing companies can say they’re going to save you money, but do they have the prices to truly provide you with that advantage? Consider the prices of their services and the amount of money you would save if you hired an in-house team member. You would have to factor in overhead costs, benefits, and other additional expenses for an in-house employee rast the total cost for each side and decide for yourself whether the price is right.

Another factor to consider is the transparency of your insourcing partner. Do they provide a breakdown of the costs you will be putting into working with them? Do their labor costs align with your business’s ethics and values? Alignment in these areas can prove both you and your potential insourcing or outsourcing team are a good match.


Does the insourcing or outsourcing company have a non-disclosure agreement in place for their insourced employees? Do they provide training, guidelines, or other instructions to educate their employees regarding the confidential nature of your information? These questions must be answered to help ensure your consulting firm’s safety and that of your clients.

Aside from the safeguarding of your intellectual property and process, security measures are also incredibly important when it comes to your internet presence and other digital files. Ask about your insourcing partner’s security measures online so you can ensure that your information is safe.


One benefit of insourcing or outsourcing employees is the scalability you have access to, especially with the changing needs of a consulting firm. You will be able to tap another person or persons to support you and your team during the busier seasons so everyone can go home a little less stressed. You will see how much more productive you and your in-house team can be with the extra hands.

Don’t Know Where to Start?

Explore your insourcing options with MOVE or Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees. With a team of Motivated, Organized, Versatile, and Excellent employees at your disposal you will be able to increase your savings, reduce your stress, and start your insourcing and outsourcing journey without a hitch. If you want to work with a reliable, communicative, transparent, and secure company— MOVE is the key to your next step.

The Bottomline on Choosing the Right Insourcing and Outsourcing Partner for Your Consulting Firm

Your insourcing and outsourcing plans will be easier and more effective if you bring in a partner to help you navigate the online marketplace that is virtual recruitment, vetting, and training. You will need a team that is dedicated to supporting you and your goals using the proper communication tools, years of experience, and effective security measures.

For your insourcing needs, look no further than MOVE. We are here to help you through the process of outsourcing with Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees.

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