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Corporate to Virtual

Corporate to Virtual: Lucky Joy Dy’s Move

Moving from corporate to virtual landscapes can be a daunting new journey. However, Lucky Joy “LJ” Dy conquered her fears and transitioned from a decade-long career as a funding analyst to her current role as a loan processor.

In this article, we’ll explore her journey, the skills she honed over the years, and her experiences as a VA, showcasing how LJ’s background and capabilities have positioned her for success in this dynamic profession.

From Corporate to Virtual: A Seamless Transition

LJ’s journey into the world of virtual assistance underscores her adaptability and the transferability of skills developed in her previous career. Her tenure as a funding analyst equipped her with a strong foundation in attention to detail, leadership, and expertise in her field.

These skills not only served her well but also set her apart in the competitive realm of VAs.
Transitioning from corporate to virtual, LJ embraced the online workspace wholeheartedly. Her background as a corporate funding analyst provided her with essential skills that she now employs to support her clients at MOVE.

In multitasking, she adeptly manages various tasks, ensuring efficiency and timely delivery. Her joyful and helpful nature shines through as she meticulously reviews documentation and borrower qualifications to avoid errors, prioritizing attention to detail and a commitment to delivering excellence.

Flowing with the Current

What sets LJ apart is not only her impressive skill set but also her open and supportive approach to her role as a VA. She values feedback, both from clients and colleagues, using it as a tool for personal and professional growth.

This openness to learning and continuous improvement ensures that she stays at the forefront of her field.
LJ’s adaptability from corporate to virtual is a cornerstone of her success as a VA. In the fast-paced and constantly changing mortgage industry, she adeptly copes with changes, ensuring that her clients receive the most up-to-date and relevant support.

Her financial industry background and leadership experience have proven to be invaluable, enabling her to offer the highest level of assistance.

The MOVE Experience

Working at MOVE has been a fulfilling experience for LJ as she moved from corporate to virtual. She derives immense satisfaction from knowing she can positively impact borrowers and help them achieve their goals.

She applauds MOVE’s approach to supporting its employees, particularly the training and upskilling opportunities that they offer to those eager to expand their skills and knowledge.
The leadership style at MOVE, characterized by trust, autonomy, and a lack of micromanagement, allows employees like LJ to take ownership of their tasks.

MOVE has an environment where an open and supportive culture thrives, and LJ feels free to express her thoughts and feelings without fear of retaliation.
Furthermore, the weekend sessions at MOVE provide valuable opportunities for socializing, which is particularly important for remote workers. The sense of community and camaraderie fostered by MOVE enriches the work experience for LJ and her colleagues.

Corporate to Virtual

Final Thoughts

LJ embraced her shift from corporate to virtual because it aligns with her personal and professional values. The company’s commitment to personal and professional growth, combined with its supportive and open culture, makes it an exceptionally fulfilling place to work.

Her journey serves as an inspiring example of how skills developed in one industry can seamlessly translate into success in another, ultimately contributing to the growth and well-being of clients and colleagues alike.

LJ’s joyful, helpful, and open disposition as an employee shines brightly in her role as a VA, making her an invaluable asset to the team at MOVE.

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