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Executive assistant and social media manager

Christine “Yuki” Nakayama: Executive Assistant and Social Media Manager

Christine “Yuki” Nakayama is both an executive assistant and social media manager. How does she fare in the consistently inconsistent industry that pushes virtual assistants to their limit? With an infectious can-do attitude and an insatiable appetite for learning, Yuki’s love for her client’s success stories is what drives her day-to-day. Let us take you through a normal work shift with her. 

Executive Assistant and Social Media

A Journey Ignited by Resilience

Yuki’s journey into the world of freelancing wasn’t something she had planned; it was a response to the uncertain times brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Who knew my can-do attitude would lead me to this niche?” she muses. 

Initially apprehensive about the freelance landscape, Yuki’s trajectory shifted as she took on more responsibilities, transitioning seamlessly from data entry to calendar management and social media prowess. Her adaptability and unwavering work ethic quickly caught the attention of clients, propelling her toward her current career path as an Executive Assistant and Social Media Manager.

A Day in Yuki’s World

From managing emails to curating content and engaging with target audiences on LinkedIn, her days are a whirlwind of activity and meticulous planning. “My daily routine always starts with a quick huddle with my client and then the team afterward,” she shares. “Catching up with the main things for the day, reminders, getting approvals, gathering tasks, and all of that nature.”

Yuki’s expertise shines brightest in her dual roles as an executive assistant and social media manager. She enjoys crafting compelling copies, designing graphics, and researching the latest trends. “I then wrap up my final hour of work to check in with my client for any additional help he needs and work on that or I continue content creation,” she explains, illustrating her commitment to going above and beyond for her clients as an executive assistant and social media manager.

Celebrating Milestones and Small Wins

For Yuki, the most fulfilling moments are often the simplest. She often receives client commendations within her client’s team and every acknowledgment reaffirms her dedication to her craft. “One other small win/memorable thing was when my client was looking to hire additional VAs from MOVE and he was specifically mentioning my name as a standard – I’ll never forget that and it would always bring a smile to my face,” she recalls fondly.

The Power of Community and Support

Working online can be isolating for many virtual assistants. However, as a member of MOVE, Yuki has found more than just a network; she’s found a family. “Being in this team, in this family opened connections, friendships, opportunities like incentives, bonuses, and more, and it makes work exciting and fun,” she says, highlighting the invaluable role of emotional support in her professional journey as an executive assistant and social media manager.

Final Thoughts

In Christine “Yuki” Nakayama, we find a role model for adaptability and dedication. As she continues to do her day-to-day with care and competence, one thing remains abundantly clear: Yuki’s journey is far from over, and her potential knows no bounds as an executive assistant and social media manager.