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How Solo Lawyers Can Work With Remote Employees to Leverage Growth

How Solo Lawyers Can Work With Remote Employees to Leverage Growth

Lone lawyers have become more daring and entrepreneurial with the rise of globalization and the gig economy in the Western world. One of their secrets to expediting their career growth has been hiring remote teams composed of virtual assistants or independent contractors to handle various supporting tasks. Solo lawyers are thus able to expand their practice and clientele, gather legal research, and have secretarial duties taken care of while they zero in on their core legal tasks. This article will explore how you can share in the same success in the current competitive legal
landscape and replicate the process.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Work as a Solo Legal Practitioner

Broaden Practice Areas.

You might be an expert at family law but there are several other niches in the industry and expanding your practice could bring in more clients. Hiring a remote employee
specializing in immigration law allows you to have a wider reach, covering immigration-related tasks with higher efficiency and better results.

Increased Support.

When you’re on your own it can be difficult to get down to all the minutia that comes with legal work. Cover all your bases and hire outsourced employees to handle the secretarial, marketing, bookkeeping, and research tasks that you don’t have time for. You will have more time to focus on your legal work and a load of stress off your shoulders.

Increased Cost Savings.

While the act of hiring seems like a task that will only guarantee you spend more money— the returns are worth it. By hiring remote employees at a fraction of the price in
your country, you can easily accomplish more, leading to higher revenue. You also save money on office space, equipment, and benefits.

Best Practices: How to Outsource Work as a Legal Practitioner

Hire employees with the necessary qualifications. In a specialized field like law, you will need competent, experienced employees to ensure maximum productivity and accurate results. Be clear about the workload.

Delegate the appropriate tasks.

Whether it be secretarial duties or research— communicate the kind of tasks that your outsourced workers will be doing so that everyone is on the same page and
working toward the same goals.

Use communication tools.

From Skype to Whatsapp— there are several established channels of communication for you to look into. This includes project management programs such as Asana which can improve your workflow as a team.

Safeguard your data security and confidentiality.

NDAs are needed to protect your data and that of your clients. From the beginning of your working relationship with your remote employees, they should be aware that they have to keep your information to themselves.

Establish Performance Metrics.

Aim for quality performance by communicating your expectations and metrics with your remote team. Cultivate a work culture that prompts them to be accountable and productive.

Give feedback.

Eliminate any uncertainty about the quality of your employee’s work. Be specific and clear about any advice or feedback.

Keep up with the Trends.

Read and research new trends in outsourcing. An example of this would be the rising use of AI tools which can easily provide outlines and tips to grow your business.

The Bottom Line

Any solo lawyer will have a long to-do list. Outsourcing any extra work or research will be will allow you to focus on your core legal work, expand your practice, and add to your clientele. With clear
communication and quality feedback, you will have a remote team that enhances your productivity and increases efficiency.

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