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In-person Meet-up

MOVE’s First In-person Meet-up with CEO Anthony Geraci

At Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees (MOVE), the recent in-person meet-up with CEO Anthony Geraci was an absolute blast! Bringing together team members from across different locations, the meet-up sparked joy and excitement as we connected face-to-face. 
Here’s a recap of the event and its significance for MOVE:

In-person Meet-up

Building Relationships

The in-person meet-up allowed team members to connect on a personal level, strengthening relationships and fostering a sense of camaraderie. Meeting colleagues in person enhances trust and rapport, laying the foundation for effective teamwork and collaboration in virtual work environments.

Aligning Vision and Goals

Face-to-face interactions with CEO Anthony Geraci provided team members with valuable insights into MOVE’s vision, goals, and strategic direction. Through engaging discussions and presentations, employees gained a deeper understanding of the company’s mission and how their individual contributions align with broader organizational objectives.

Cultivating Company Culture

The meet-up served as an opportunity to reinforce MOVE’s company culture and values. By spending time together in person, team members were able to experience firsthand the culture of collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity that defines MOVE. Building a strong company culture is essential for fostering employee engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

Celebrating Virtual Employees

During this special occasion, Anthony Geraci brought copies of his book “Virtual Employee Mastery: Hiring Global Talent to Beat the Competition”. He signed each copy and dedicated it to each employee personally. This gesture not only demonstrated Anthony’s appreciation for his team but also served as a powerful reminder of MOVE’s commitment to employee growth and development. By sharing insights from his book and offering personalized copies, Anthony inspired and empowered team members to continue their journey of professional excellence in the realm of remote work.

In-person Meet-up

Enhancing Communication and Collaboration

In-person meet-ups complement virtual communication channels by providing an opportunity for more nuanced and in-depth discussions. Team members can clarify misunderstandings, resolve conflicts, and align on priorities more effectively when meeting face-to-face. Strengthening communication and collaboration capabilities is essential for remote teams to succeed.

Final Thoughts

The first in-person meet-up with CEO Anthony Geraci was a resounding success for MOVE. By bringing together remote team members in a face-to-face setting, the event strengthened relationships, aligned vision and goals, cultivated company culture, encouraged innovation and creativity, and enhanced communication and collaboration. As MOVE continues to embrace remote work, in-person meet-ups will remain a valuable opportunity for connecting, learning, and growing together as a team.