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Integrating AI in Virtual Employee Training

Integrating AI in Virtual Employee Training

Businesses all over the globe are training their virtual employees to use artificial intelligence (AI). But what about using AI to train your employees? According to World Economic Forum (2016), groups that incorporate AI into their training and development see a 30-50% boost in time used for learning over those who use conventional methods. This blog will dig into the different ways integrating AI can help you develop an effective educational setup for your employees.

Integrating AI for Personalized Learning

Each virtual employee has their individual set of learning needs and goals. You can honor this diversity when you leverage AI tools. As early as the needs assessment portion of your training program you can gather information on what your remote employees need to learn and improve on. Then, during the training content creation process, you can either use AI tools that cater to specific learning goals or produce personalized modules for your employees with AI. After which, you can also produce specific assessments for employees with the same level of learning or the same position. AI can help you make materials fast; you can make these more effective for your employees. 

Immersive Training Experiences

John Dewey and David Kolb proposed the theory of experiential learning to highlight that humans learn by doing. AI has made it possible to engage in training experiences and simulations that follow this principle. Additionally, adding gamification elements with a reward system and levels allows for even more enjoyable learning. Explore the world of AI-powered learning platforms and see the engaging way it can motivate your virtual employees to learn. 

Content Creation

Creating your training content might sound like the most grueling part of the training development process. However, AI can now help you to varying degrees. Do you want AI to make you a syllabus? An entire course or even a training video script? AI can provide you with several options to streamline your content creation. 

Soft Skills Development

A common myth about AI is that it can only provide you with objective information. The truth is AI can also help your virtual employees even in the soft skills department. Chatbots can help them practice their conversation skills so they can develop active listening, negotiation, and conflict-resolution skills. Some even prefer to practice with chatbots since they do not show human emotion. 

Integrating AI for Live Performance Support

When you’re learning something new you need a guide to help you with some of the basics. AI can provide real-time chat support on their performance and task completion so your employees do not need to scramble to you or their manager at every turn. 

The Bottom Line

When you use artificial intelligence in your training program you can expect to find a plethora of new ways to streamline your processes and create more effective results. We hope you learned how artificial intelligence can help you and your team develop your skills. Gain more insights on how AI can work for you, your business, and your outsourcing journey. Follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn