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Bel de Llamas Path of a Leader

Bel de Llamas: The Path of A Leader

How did Bel de Llamas become a true leader, marked by the decade-long journey that has shaped her into an indispensable asset in her field? Her story is one of resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to excellence.


How It All Started

Bel’s leadership journey commenced during her tenure as a Quality Assurance Associate in a call center, where she honed her skills and developed a keen understanding of the virtual space. Her decision to transition into full-time remote work led her to a prominent Team Lead role at a software company, marking the beginning of her ascent as a leader in the industry.

What Led Her to MOVE

Facing the challenge of layoffs, Bel’s pursuit of new opportunities led her to the doors of Move, where she embraced the role of an Executive Assistant with open arms. As a leader at Move, she plays a pivotal role, wearing multiple hats to efficiently handle diverse tasks for a debt collection agency. Bel also serves as a Point of Contact (POC), acting as a bridge between the client and Move, coaching fellow EAs, and ensuring high team morale.

In her role, Bel has been a driving force behind the streamlining of processes, ensuring the efficient resolution of consumer disputes. Her meticulous approach to validating debts reflects a commitment to compliance with legal and regulatory standards, while her keen eye for detail shines in the thorough auditing of consumer accounts.

Behind Bel’s professional journey as a leader is a personal story of loss and inspiration. The passing of her father in 2015 became a catalyst for her commitment to upholding his legacy, grounded in professionalism. Bel’s work at Move reflects not only her dedication to excellence but also her contribution to fostering a positive ethos within the team.

First Anniversary

MOVE and Beyond

For Bel, MOVE gave her a space to connect while working professionally, where collaboration is second nature. The unique culture at Move, combined with Bel’s leadership, creates a work environment that is not only enjoyable but also sets the stage for continuous career growth.
Bel de Llamas is more than an Executive Assistant; she is a leader who pushes through challenges with strength, embraces collaboration, and shapes the ethos of her workplace. In the world of virtual assistance, Bel is a shining example of leadership that inspires and propels the industry forward.