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Life as a Data Entry Specialist

Resty Angeles: Life as a Data Entry Specialist with MOVE

What is it like being a data entry specialist working primarily online? Resty Angeles shares snippets of his life as a data entry specialist with MOVE. He has not only carved a niche for himself in the industry but has also found a supportive and empowering work environment.

Life as a Data Entry Specialist

Becoming a Data Entry Specialist at MOVE

Resty acknowledges the initial challenges that came with his transition to remote work. “Life as a data entry specialist online has not been easy,” he reflects. “But MOVE has helped me make this adjustment.” For Resty, who also runs his own business, MOVE’s flexibility and understanding of his schedule has been a big help. The support system within the organization has not only eased his entry into the virtual workforce but has also significantly boosted his confidence.

Contributing Excellence as a Data Entry Specialist

Resty’s life as a data entry specialist with his client at MOVE is particularly focused on payments. His attention to detail is what makes or breaks his financial role. “I have to be meticulous and accurate in what I do, especially dealing with money,” he emphasizes. In a profession where precision is part of the job, Resty’s commitment to accuracy speaks volumes about his work ethic.

Resty’s life as a data entry specialist has helped him develop a meticulous mind, which has significantly contributed to his professional success. “I have a keen eye for details,” he affirms, recognizing the necessity of accuracy, particularly in his financial responsibilities. It’s a quality that has not only propelled his personal growth but has also added value to the services he provides.

Building Camaraderie through Virtual Coffee Sessions

While the virtual workplace offers flexibility, it can sometimes make individuals feel like lone wolves, especially for Resty’s life as a data entry specialist. For him, the solution lies in MOVE’s innovative approach to team-building: the virtual coffee session. “Working remotely alone sometimes feels like being a lone wolf,” Resty confesses. “It’s really nice to see people outside my team once in a while.” These coffee sessions provide a space for team members to connect, share experiences, and break the isolation that can sometimes accompany remote work.

The MOVE Experience: Beyond Professional Growth

For Resty Angeles, MOVE is a community that nurtures professional growth and personal connections, enhancing his life as a data entry specialist. The organization’s commitment to supporting its virtual workforce goes beyond the conventional, creating an environment where individuals like Resty thrive and contribute to the company’s and their endeavors’ success.