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Life-changing Decision

A Life-Changing Decision: Ivy Gotengco

For Ivy Gotengco, turning a seven-year career as a collection agent onsite to a virtual role marked a significant turning point. “This is life-changing decision; my best decision so far,” she reflects. Ivy wanted to spend more quality time with her daughter. As a single mother, MOVE’s offer gave her the chance to balance professional commitments without sacrificing precious moments with her child.

life-changing decision

Ivy and MOVE

“I chose MOVE because they offered the work-from-home option,” Ivy affirms. “As a single mother, this is a life-changing decision because I can get so I can still work and take care of my daughter. I don’t have to waste a lot of time going to work as well.”
As a data entry specialist, Ivy enjoys that she has a diverse range of tasks each day. The variety in her responsibilities keeps her engaged and keeps up the morale of her and her teammates. 

How Collaboration is Life-changing 

Ivy emphasizes another aspect of her life-changing decision: the collaborative environment with her debt collection client through MOVE, underscoring the team-oriented culture that defines her experience. 
“I can say that I can help my client by doing more than what is assigned for me to do. Also, here, we help each other out. I can say that we are a TEAM here.” The emphasis on teamwork not only enhances individual contributions but also fosters a sense of camaraderie, making the virtual workplace feel like a united and supportive community.

Her Family at MOVE

Ivy shared just how important it is that MOVE is akin to a real family. Despite the remote setup, Ivy expresses, “My favorite part here at MOVE is that we treat each other like a family. So it’s more enjoyable to come to work even if it’s a remote setup.” The sense of belonging and mutual support has been life-changing, having both has transformed her work environment into a space where every team member feels valued and connected.

Final Thoughts

Ivy Gotengco’s journey at MOVE not only showcases her transition from the collections industry to virtual assistance but also highlights the transformative impact of finding a workplace that prioritizes work-life balance, community, and professional growth. As a data entry specialist, Ivy embodies the resilience and adaptability required in the virtual landscape and stands as an inspiring example of the positive change that can come from embracing new opportunities.