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Sandra Gumanit A Glimpse into the Life of a Marketing Assistant at MOVE

Sandra Gumanit: A Glimpse into the Life of a Marketing Assistant at MOVE

What’s it like being a marketing assistant in the modern world— where society is exposed to advertisements at every corner? As a marketing assistant at MOVE, Sandra shares her perspective, giving her take on the life of a marketing assistant. She brings into her work a combination of creativity, diligence, and client-centric focus to her role. 

Life of a Marketing Assistant

Sandra’s Start at Marketing

Sandra’s journey into marketing was serendipitous, rooted in her previous role as a product lister for an e-commerce brand. Sandra recalls,“My client needed help with their marketing initiatives. He then asked me if I could work with them on their email campaigns.” Sandra seized the opportunity to expand her skill set, diving into email campaign design and social media content creation.

A Play-by-play on Life as a Marketing Assistant

At MOVE, Sandra’s role encompasses a diverse array of tasks aimed at optimizing her client’s marketing efforts. “I help my client with their email campaigns by designing emails, and I also manage product listings on their Shopify Store,” she shares.

In the life of a marketing assistant, communication is a key component to achieving the goals of the client. Sandra’s approach to supporting her clients highlights this, “I ensure I help my client by having open communication with them to understand their evolving needs,” Sandra emphasizes. “I make sure to deliver high-quality email designs consistently and provide regular updates on ongoing tasks.”

Life of a Marketing Assistant

Why Businesses Need Marketing Assistants

The importance of having a marketing assistant like Sandra for MOVE’s clients cannot be overstated. “Having a marketing assistant helps my clients streamline their marketing efforts, increase productivity, and achieve better results in their marketing campaigns,” Sandra affirms. By shouldering tasks like email campaign design and product listing management, Sandra enables MOVE’s clients to focus on core business activities while still maintaining a robust marketing presence.

A Love for MOVE

When asked about her favorite aspect of MOVE, Sandra’s answer is clear: “The work environment and culture of Move.” At MOVE, Sandra is surrounded by a supportive group of people who allow her to thrive both personally and professionally. The optimistic atmosphere and camaraderie among colleagues make every day a rewarding experience for Sandra.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Sandra Gumanit exemplifies the dedication and professionalism of a marketing assistant at MOVE. Through her expertise, diligence, and commitment to client satisfaction, Sandra plays an integral role in helping MOVE’s clients achieve their marketing goals. As she continues to make a positive impact in her role, Sandra remains an invaluable asset to both MOVE and its clients alike.