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Looking for a Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

What does it mean for a country to thrive in the remote workplace? Tholons Services Globalization ranked the Philippines 5th on the Top 50 Digital Nations in 2019, showcasing the increasing online presence of its natives even before the pandemic. Additionally, the Philippines ranked 6th on Forbes’ fastest-growing freelance markets. The reasons behind these statistics might be the country’s high proficiency in English and Filipinos’ model work ethics. But how can you ensure you have the best global talent on your team? This blog will help if you’re looking for Filipino professionals online. 

Looking for Virtual Assistant from the Philippines: The Benefits

These are the advantages of employing Filipino virtual assistants:

English Proficiency and Communication Skills? They’ve got it.

Both English and Filipino are official languages in the country— a testament to how frequently the English language is used there. Children learn it in school and watch Western movies in their free time. There is no wonder that the Philippines was one of the top Asian countries on the EF English Proficiency Index in 2020. If you’re scared of language barriers when you hire internationally, the Philippines might be the location and culture you’re looking for.

Looking for Cost-Effective Solutions? Filipino virtual assistants are here for you.

The average salary for the same position in a Western country and in the Philippines shows how much you will save for your business. Global Workplace Analytics reports that you can cut costs amounting to $11,000 when you work with virtual employees. Filipino virtual employees can provide you with valuable services at a fraction of the rate and this can add to your cost savings.

Seeking Cultural Compatibility? The Philippines is the best place to start your team.

Filipinos are known for being hospital team players. With a deep sense of gratitude termed as “utang ng loob” in the culture, they cultivate a positive attitude towards providing their services. A research paper in Philosophy in Asia forwards this Filipino custom as a motivation for Filipinos to give back to whoever was generous to them. This outlook ensures businesses that Filipinos can contribute efficiently to company goals. 

Furthermore, Filipinos are often exposed to Western culture from a young age, allowing them to have more ease when interacting with an international clientele. This compatibility can nurture a productive and efficient working relationship between you and Filipino virtual employees.

Searching for Professionals with an Amazing Work Ethic? We’ve got you.

When you delegate tasks to your employees you are going to want high-quality results fast. You can expect to receive that kind of work when you hire from the Philippines. The country is known for its largely skilled workforce as most high school graduates opt to pursue collegiate studies. According to a research paper entitled Filipino Virtue Ethics and Meaningful Work, Filipinos possess a work ethic that enables them to be productive and reach their desired goals in the workplace.

Alongside this academic background, Filipinos are also well-known for their productivity. They will go above and beyond to accomplish the tasks assigned to them and seek out ways to benefit your business. 

Selecting the Best Virtual Assistant in the Philippines

How can you ensure that you’re putting your business in the right hands? Be sure to check off all the boxes below so you can hire the appropriate virtual assistant to join your team:  

Set Your Goals

Why are you looking to work with virtual employees in the Philippines? Whether you’re looking for a unique skillset at a lower cost or you have too much work and need more support— be sure about why you’re hiring. This can help you narrow down the qualifications, soft skills, and salary range of your ideal employee before you start looking for them.

Look for an Outsourcing Partner

Working with a credible outsourcing partner call help you get rid of any of the stress that comes with hiring and managing virtual assistants. You won’t need to face the horror stories of job platforms or wait too long on a referral. Check customer reviews for different outsourcing providers and see if your top picks have the same values as you. 

Establish Communication Channels

When you choose to partner with an outsourcing provider, you will need to find communication platforms where you can go over expectations and track your virtual team’s progress. While your outsourcing partner can recruit and manage your virtual employees, you can still monitor their results.

When working with virtual assistants from varied backgrounds, cultural sensitivity is essential. Learn about Filipino traditions and practices to facilitate effective communication and teamwork. To encourage cultural awareness and team cohesion, think about providing cross-cultural training for your staff.

Looking for a Credible Outsourcing Provider?

Hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines can be the move that will revolutionize your business. Filipinos offer top-notch English language skills, professional expertise in their craft, and can-do attitudes. Additionally, if you work with an outsourcing partner they can take care of the hiring, managing, and training of your employees— allowing you to focus more of your energy on your business. 

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