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Open Communication

Open Communication: How MOVE Thrives on Values

The ability to foster open and effective communication within an virtual team is essential for success. Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees (MOVE), our trusted outsourcing partner understands that the foundation of any thriving workplace is a culture of open communication. In this article, we’ll delve into MOVE’s commitment to transparent communication and explore the strategies they employ to nurture a culture that values the voices and perspectives of their employees.

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1. Communication Channels: Bridging the Gap

MOVE’s dedication to open communication begins with the tools that we use. WhatsApp, a technology that allows teams to interact smoothly, is one of their primary communication methods. WhatsApp acts as a hub for group chats, encouraging team members to collaborate and share expertise. This real-time communication technology crosses geographical borders, allowing employees from many locations to digitally collaborate, share ideas, and stay connected.

2. Acknowledging Cultural Differences: Encouraging Openness

Recognizing and respecting differences between Western and Filipino cultures is a vital part of open communication at MOVE. These distinctions go beyond language and include subtle differences in work habits, communication styles, and social standards which are essential to a work environment. Rather than disregarding or dismissing these differences, MOVE actively encourages team members to learn about Western culture to better cater to clients. This means virtual employees must be open to feedback and know that it’s not personal. In turn, everyone is also aware of the context that comes with tendencies within Filipino culture such as a deep respect for hierarchical structures.  

MOVE fosters an environment in which employees learn how to approach any member of the team to collaborate or ask questions. Since the group is composed of diverse skill sets and professional backgrounds, each individual can ask for help within our communication channels. 

Open Communication with Video Conferences

3. One-on-One Coaching Sessions: Nurturing Professional Growth

MOVE’s dedication to open communication extends to providing personalized assistance to each team member. They provide one-on-one coaching sessions with their General Manager or Assistant Manager, providing employees with a confidential forum to discuss their performance, career aspirations, and upskilling requirements.

These coaching meetings are about more than simply assessing performance; they are also about listening to employee observations, understanding their goals, and creating customized growth plans. This level of focus on personal development develops trust and improves the link between employees and management, making everyone feel acknowledged and respected.

Connect as a Virtual Team for Open Communication

4. Coffee Sessions: Building Rapport 

MOVE values camaraderie as well as formal avenues of connection. These gatherings allow team members to converse casually, share experiences, and cultivate relationships.

The beauty of these coffee sessions are their ability to break down boundaries and enable candid dialogues outside of the restrictions of a regular workplace setting. Employees create not only professional contacts but also genuine friendships as a result of these meetings, which contributes to the team’s sense of community.

Open Communication with Move Your Biz

The Bottom Line

Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees (MOVE) understands that open communication is not just a buzzword but a fundamental value that guides their operations. Rather, it’s an opportunity to cultivate a positive and productive work culture. 

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