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What MOVE Clients Say About Our VAs

Efficiency is a KPI businesses often track because it contributes to higher revenue. With our VAs, you can enhance efficiency without compromising quality. Our clients can attest to our solution and how we contribute to this effort. 

Here’s what some of them have to say about their experience with MOVE’s virtual assistants (VAs):

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Continuous Quality Training

“They are all high-tech. If you want a high-tech personal assistant— talk to MOVE,” says Ryan C., a business leader in the property management industry. Ryan highlights MOVE’s commitment to staying ahead in the tech realm.

We have an in-house talent development specialist who dedicates time to helping our VAs hone their craft. Sophia Manzanilla says, “We go a step further by providing upskill training opportunities to enhance their capabilities and contribute to their professional growth”.  

Furthermore, Ryan C. has enjoyed the ease of his partnership with MOVE and our VAs, “My experience with MOVE has been great, and I plan to add more VEs in the future.”

Open Communication

On the other hand, a reputable client in the debt collection sphere has told us, “I had reservations before about bringing people in for work. But your team has done good work which has helped me come around to the idea.” 

MOVE believes in open communication which has contributed to Bob’s satisfaction. This allows us to support our clients and give them the exact type of service they desire. Our General Manager Anne is in constant contact with our clients. She is prompt in handling clients’ inquiries and concerns with our VAs. 

In connection with this, Bob P. from the real estate world has said, “MOVE has been very responsive. They were able to replace my virtual employee when the first one didn’t work out. Excellent.”

Bob P. has been vocal about MOVE’s responsiveness and flexibility in swiftly resolving issues. We truly value our clients’ opinions and want to provide seamless operations.

our VAs

Professional Talent

Lastly, MOVE simply selects ridiculously awesome talent. Several clients love working with our VAs. Here are some of the feedback we have received:

“No one can have Amanie. In a short period, she has become a key employee within our company. Thanks, MOVE!” — Anonymous Client from an Accounting Firm in California

“Frances has been a major asset in helping with managing customer service, as well as organization. Frances has provided a sense of urgency for our clients, as well as our customers. She has given our leasing agents and regional managers assistance to become more organized to be able to not only handle our daily tasks but to be able to gain more business for the company overall. She is a huge help to our overall company success. Frances has a one-of-a-kind energy on the phone that cannot be met. She is a keeper. We are lucky to have her as the voice of our company.” — Erin D, Client from the Property Management Industry

“We could not live without Karen’s reliability within our sophisticated lending operation. A banker we work with recently told us to never lose her, and we do not intend to.” — Anonymous Client from a CPA Firm

Final Thoughts

With this feedback, MOVE continues to work toward improving the way we help our clients. Our Filipino VAs and how much we care about their growth propels us all to greater heights. Read more words from our clients here.