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Emman Alcantara: Promoting a People-Centric Philosophy at MOVE

At MOVE, our mission is not only to acquire ridiculously good talent but to cultivate an ecosystem where virtual assistants flourish. As a recruiter, Emman Alcantara’s commitment to finding the right people includes both technical excellence and character. This people-centric philosophy, ensures that every placement is not just a match on paper but a harmonious blend of skill, character, and cultural fit.

A Journey Rooted in Quality and Leadership

Emman’s professional odyssey began in quality assurance and team leadership. These early roles not only honed skills like analytical thinking and reading comprehension but also instilled in him a foundational belief in the importance of a people-centric philosophy. Recognizing the transformative potential of his experiences, Emman pivoted into recruiting. Here, he harnessed his diverse background, ensuring top-tier virtual assistants found roles where they could truly shine, all while adhering to his deeply ingrained people-centric principles.

Combining Technical Acumen with a People-Centric Approach

Emman’s background imbued him with values crucial to recruitment: accuracy, team management, and an acute understanding of individual skills. More importantly, these experiences reinforced his commitment to a people-centric philosophy. Beyond technicalities, his journey cultivated skills like coaching, performance management, and community engagement. Such a rich tapestry of experiences allows Emman to offer a unique perspective—a blend of technical prowess with a deeply ingrained people-centric ethos.


MOVE’s Distinctive Edge: A People-Centric Recruitment Approach

At the heart of MOVE’s success lies its unwavering people-centric philosophy. Emman elaborates on this, emphasizing that MOVE’s recruitment strategy transcends mere skills and qualifications. Instead, it delves deeper, emphasizing cultural fit and long-term success. Their rigorous screening process ensures virtual assistants resonate not just with job requirements but also with the core values and objectives of partnering companies, underscoring the essence of a people-centric recruitment approach.

Seeking Excellence: Emman’s Criteria for Talent Acquisition

For Emman, recruiting isn’t a mere transaction—it’s a mission deeply rooted in a people-centric philosophy. He seeks individuals characterized by integrity, technical proficiency, adaptability, and a proactive mindset. Given the virtual essence of these roles, impeccable communication skills—both written and verbal—are paramount. Moreover, he prioritizes those with an unwavering commitment to continuous learning and a collaborative ethos, echoing MOVE’s overarching people-centric ideology.


MOVE: More Than a Workplace, It’s a Growth Platform

Under Emman’s guidance, MOVE doesn’t just find the best talent. It’s a nurturing ground, a place where virtual assistants find not just jobs but long-term careers, all underpinned by a people-centric philosophy. Emman’s commitment to fostering a supportive environment, paired with MOVE’s continuous training initiatives and collaborative ethos, creates an atmosphere ripe for growth. Here, virtual assistants are empowered to evolve, learn, and carve out exemplary professional paths, truly embodying the essence of a people-centric workplace.

Final Thoughts

Emman Alcantara’s journey at MOVE underscores the transformative potential of consistently applying a people-centric philosophy. Through his endeavors, MOVE isn’t just redefining recruitment—it’s setting a gold standard. In a world driven by technology and virtual interactions, Emman’s emphasis on the human element reminds us of the timeless value of genuine connections and holistic growth.