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A Perfect Match: Ruby Cisneros at MOVE

Rhovina “Ruby” Cisneros tackles each day at MOVE with a combination of excellent work, consistent virtue, and unshakable commitment. Motivated to care for children, she is a dedicated professional whose hard work shows not only at home but also across the globe. Ruby found her perfect match in MOVE, allowing her to help her client while working from home.

perfect match

A Purposeful Start

Ruby faced both emotional and professional obstacles along her journey to become a virtual assistant. After working as an administrative assistant and then as a call center representative for three years, she kept running into the same problem: finding a trustworthy way to care for her two small children. This made her look for a different line of work that would allow her to balance the demands of children with her professional obligations.

Ruby deliberately decided to become a virtual assistant to overcome the obstacles she experienced as a working mom, rather than just choosing a path she wasn’t passionate about. A friend shared the MOVE page and this turned out to be a ray of hope as Ruby considered her alternatives. Her desire for flexibility was fully satisfied by the idea of working remotely, which would enable her to balance her obligations at home and make a significant professional contribution. For her, MOVE was a perfect match.

A Role at MOVE

Ruby’s position at MOVE is a prime example of her adaptability and flexibility; she serves as an executive assistant, working on various projects every day. Her tasks range from data entry and document retrieval to resolving customer complaints. 

This high-powered environment is always changing, necessitating teamwork and efficiency. Ruby is a perfect match for her client. She believes proactive problem-solving and conscientious execution are the way to best perform in her role.

Ruby’s Impact

Ruby has become a reliable virtual employee and a perfect match for her clients who often sing her praises for her diligence and keen eye. She reviews consumer complaints and confirms their accuracy, an essential component of assessing financial responsibility. The team’s cooperative efforts guarantee that each account is handled well and that the burden stays reasonable.

Her commitment to the current work not only satisfies the requirements of her position but also advances the client’s success as a whole. Ruby’s flexibility in responding to the changing demands of the virtual help landscape is demonstrated by her capacity to adjust to changing tasks.

The Motivating Culture at MOVE

Ruby is particularly moved by MOVE’s steadfast commitment to its staff. The company’s dedication to offering care and assistance creates a positive work culture that is special and nurturing: a perfect match for Ruby to do well at her job and continue her professional learning. The collaborative efforts of the team ensure that the workload remains manageable and that every account is handled efficiently.

Ruby values MOVE’s collaborative dynamic, requiring virtual employees to actively participate in team efforts. She stated, “I am sincerely grateful for finding MOVE, and I appreciate the trust they have placed in me”.

A Shared Dream

Ruby is genuinely excited about the possibility of growth that both she and MOVE will see in the future. The synergy between her professional aspirations and the outsourcing partner’s commitment to employee well-being forms a foundation for sustained success. 

Final Thoughts 

MOVE has found a committed professional in Rhovina “Ruby” Cisneros who exemplifies the values and ethos of future-proofing in the virtual employee industry. Her experience demonstrates the power that results from shared goals, truly a perfect match.