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Proactive Excellence

Proactive Excellence: Irish Delos Reyes’s Journey with MOVE

Constantly alert and ready to help, Irish Delos Reyes is a true picture of attention to her client’s needs and competent professionalism. Irish’s journey to becoming a virtual assistant is a landmark of her proactive excellence, perseverance, and determination.

Holding a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Financial Management and consistently honing her skills, Irish’s story is one where she uses her knowledge and skills to help her client and move in their direction. 

Proactive Excellence

Her Journey

Irish’s career path shifted toward virtual assistance after working as an Accounting Associate in a corporate setting for nearly 7 years. Her foray into the world of virtual assistance began with a friend’s recommendation, which led her to investigate internet work prospects.

However, Irish met initial obstacles when faced with denials owing to a lack of prior VA expertise. MOVE emerged as a significant role in her life, providing her with an opportunity that appeared out of reach at first. Irish was hired as an Accounting Clerk after a lengthy evaluation interview, which marked the start of her virtual assistant career, applying her proactive excellence.
Irish’s previous expertise as an Accounting Associate helped her land a client with MOVE; however, it is her proactive approach that pushed her to continue trudging on. Her past experience with accounts receivable and billing created a great foundation for her current position. Irish smoothly converted her talents from the corporate world to the virtual environment, since she was proficient in programs such as MS Excel, MS 365, and ChatGPT.

Proactive Excellence

A Positive Work Environment at MOVE

What does Irish do at MOVE? At MOVE, Irish produces collection files, enters payments into accounting software, processes client credit card payments, issues reminders for delinquent accounts, and generates AR Aging reports.

Her proficiency in Microsoft Excel, attention to detail, accounting expertise, organizational abilities, and proactive approach all contribute to the seamless and dependable administration of financial operations.
Irish appreciates being at MOVE not only because it promotes continuous professional development and a productive structure for its employees.

Furthermore, for Irish MOVE stands out because of its robust employee benefits package. Monthly performance bonuses, health benefits, and contributions to Pag-IBIG and SSS are not prevalent in virtual assistant positions. Regular check-ins and coaching meetings ensure that Irish has the advice and support she requires, highlighting MOVE’s dedication to employee comfort and well-being. The supportive community drives her proactive excellence.

Beyond that, Irish’s decision to accept and continue working with MOVE is built on the good work culture the company fosters, not just the enticing offer. Client accessibility, a manageable workload, and a team-oriented approach make her experience rewarding.

Moreover, MOVE’s goal toward quality performance and employee well-being appropriately matches Irish’s perspective on work, reinforcing her commitment to the MOVE community.
The most rewarding aspect of Irish’s job at MOVE is when she completes her responsibilities on schedule and receives positive feedback from her clients. This acknowledgment indicates that she carried out her duties correctly and to the pleasure of her client, giving her a tremendous sense of success and joy.

Proactive Excellence

Final Thoughts

Irish Delos Reyes is a remarkable example of proactive excellence showing she is a real workplace superhero. Her experience, abilities, and dedication at MOVE demonstrate the possibility for growth and fulfillment in the fast-paced world of virtual work. Irish’s experience serves as an inspiration for ambitious virtual assistants navigating the constantly shifting climate of remote employment as she continues to make substantial contributions.