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Sophie Rhys Lopez: Purpose and Belonging

Sophie Rhys Lopez: Finding Purpose and Belonging at MOVE

Sophie Rhys Lopez found her story of purpose and belonging when she became a social media manager and joined the MOVE community. What steps led her down this path of exploration and passion? This blog article walks along her path to uncover a journey of serendipity, adaptability, and community. 

Passion into Profit

Discovering Her True Calling

Sophie’s career transition began during her stint as a recruiter in the BPO sector. Her role demanded rigorous dedication and an ability to thrive in a high-pressure environment, but Sophie began to sense that the BPO industry was not in sync with her long-term aspirations. The industry’s intense stress levels and work culture made her reassess her career path.
It was through the influence of her friends, who were already flourishing as social media managers, that Sophie found her true calling. Their generosity in sharing their expertise and best practices ignited her interest in managing social media profiles for businesses. Additionally, Sophie had prior experience managing social media accounts for small businesses, which further cemented her decision to embark on a freelance career as a Virtual Assistant (VA).

A Journey of Skill Transfer

Sophie’s transition from a corporate recruiter to a VA was not just a change of career but a journey of skill transfer. Her previous role as a recruiter instilled in her a valuable set of skills that seamlessly translated into her new role as a VA. These skills became the bridge that connected her previous experiences to her newfound purpose:
Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Sophie’s ability to communicate effectively with coworkers and clients became invaluable in understanding and meeting the needs of her VA clients.
Time Management: The fast-paced BPO environment taught her efficient time management skills, which proved crucial for handling multiple tasks as a VA.
Problem Solving: Her experience in recruitment honed her problem-solving abilities, essential for addressing client issues and finding innovative solutions as a VA.
Meticulous Work Ethic: Both roles demanded a keen eye for detail, whether it was drafting job offers or creating precise social media content.
Sophie’s journey was not just about changing careers, but about harnessing her existing skills and experiences to find her true purpose.

Purpose and Belonging

Crafting Fulfillment at MOVE

At MOVE, Sophie has not only found her place in the professional world but also a deep sense of fulfillment. As a Social Media Manager, she plays a pivotal role in shaping the company’s online presence and connecting with its target audience—business owners. Here are some of the tasks that Sophie accomplishes at MOVE:

Strategic Content Planning: Sophie intentionally plans content strategies that align with clients’ objectives and resonate with their audiences, incorporating content scheduling, campaign development, and maintaining content calendars.
Graphic Design: Her graphic design skills are put to use in creating visually appealing graphics that enhance content aesthetics and maintain brand consistency.
Video Editing: Recognizing the power of video content on social media, Sophie employs her video editing skills to produce captivating videos, including promotional videos, how-to guides, and product demonstrations.
Effective Use of AI: Leveraging AI tools, Sophie optimizes content scheduling, analyzes performance metrics, and enhances the overall effectiveness of social media campaigns.
Community Engagement: Sophie actively engages with the audience, responds to comments, and fosters a sense of community to create a vibrant online presence.
Problem-Solving: Adaptation is crucial in the dynamic social media landscape, and Sophie’s problem-solving skills come to the fore when addressing challenges such as algorithm changes, feedback, or content strategy adjustments.

For Sophie, her role at MOVE is not just a job—it’s a place where she finds her purpose and a deep sense of belonging. The company’s dynamic work culture, supportive environment, and commitment to employee growth keep her motivated to excel in her career.

A Journey of Purpose and Belonging

Sophie Rhys Lopez’s journey from a recruiter in the BPO industry to a thriving Social Media Manager at MOVE is a testament to her ability to discover her true calling and build meaningful connections between her skills and experiences. In a world that often demands career shifts and reinvention, Sophie’s story serves as an inspiration to those who seek to find their purpose and a place where they truly belong, by recognizing the bridges that link their past experiences to their future fulfillment.