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Mary Jane Magno and MOVE's Stable Working Environment Online

Mary Jane Magno and MOVE’s Stable Online Working Environment

Finding stability and camaraderie can be rare when you’re islands apart. But for Mary Jane Magno, an accountant at MOVE, stability and a sense of belonging are just some of the perks of being part of a supportive community. In this blog, Mary Jane’s experience and how MOVE fosters a stable working environment online.

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The Search for Stability

Mary Jane’s start as an accountant traces back to her academic roots. With a degree in Business Administration majoring in Finance and a Senior Year in BS in Accountancy, she honed her skills in financial management.

After gaining over eight years of experience as a Bookkeeper and Accountant in a local office, Mary Jane made the bold decision to transition to online freelancing in 2014 which at times can be shaky, especially without a company to rely on. A stable working environment can be difficult to find online.

Finding Solid Ground at MOVE

Seeking to further her career and curious about remote work, Mary Jane joined MOVE in January 2024. As an accountant under a Property Management client, she plays an indispensible role in recording financial transactions, managing financial reports, and ensuring the accuracy of financial records.

Mary Jane emphasizes the importance of accountants in providing valuable insights, maintaining accurate financial records, and guiding clients in financial decision-making. This has helped her find peace with her role and a firm place where she has a purpose. 

At MOVE, Mary Jane’s expertise ensures that clients receive comprehensive financial support, enabling them to navigate the complexities of financial management with confidence.

A Stable Working Environment

A Home Online

Mary Jane joined MOVE for professional opportunities; however, it’s brought a sense of community and belonging that is often hard to find in remote work. 

Despite working online, Mary Jane feels a strong connection with her colleagues, whom she considers not just coworkers but also friends and family. 

MOVE’s emphasis on creating a stress-free and enjoyable work environment fosters a sense of camaraderie, making every workday a rewarding experience.

Final Thoughts

Mary Jane’s day-to-day life at MOVE exemplifies the positives of a stable working environment. Through her role as an accountant and her experience of belonging at MOVE, Mary Jane shows the professionalism, camaraderie, and growth that define the MOVE experience.