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Talent Development Specialist

Sophia Manzanilla: Why You Need a Talent Development Specialist

What is a talent development specialist and why does MOVE have one? Our very own Sophia Manzanilla shares the story behind how she became an expert trainer and how this impacts our virtual employees.

Sophia’s Early Career

Starting as a BPO agent, Sophia had extensive experience in various roles, eventually landing as a Quality Analyst. Embracing her curiosity, she ventured into freelancing, becoming a Virtual Receptionist and then a Team Leader. Each experience enriched her skill set and fueled her passion for talent development, cultivating the skills of her team members.

A Passion for Growth

In her role as a Quality Analyst, Sophia discovered her passion for fostering growth by guiding agents to improve their skills. Simultaneously, as a Team Lead elsewhere, she honed her ability to review training guides and optimize team performance. These experiences fortified her commitment to nurturing talent and laid the foundation for her role at MOVE.

Eventually, Sophia came across MOVE, and it was the perfect fit. With her varied background, she recognized it as the ideal platform to leverage her skills and make a tangible difference in talent development. The prospect of joining a team dedicated to growth resonated deeply with her. Fueled by excitement and determination, she eagerly embarked on this new chapter, ready to contribute to MOVE’s success and support its team members in their journey of growth and excellence.

Empowering Success at MOVE

As a Talent Development Specialist at MOVE, Sophia is an essential part of improving project management and nurturing talent within the organization. She oversees the onboarding process, ensuring that new team members are fully equipped to succeed in their roles. By meticulously managing the onboarding process and ensuring the completion of mandatory training materials, she contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of MOVE’s teams.

One of Sophia’s key responsibilities is creating upskill training materials designed to empower team members to continuously improve their skills. This not only benefits MOVE by maintaining a skilled workforce but also ensures that team members are well-prepared to meet the evolving needs of clients. Sophia takes pride in directly impacting the professional development and success of team members, witnessing their growth, and seeing them thrive in their roles.

MOVE’s Training Program

At MOVE, excellence is a commitment. The rigorous training program consists of 14 mandatory training materials covering essential skills and knowledge areas. From communication protocols to project management tools, MOVE ensures that team members have the necessary tools to excel in their roles and deliver exceptional service to clients.

MOVE’s commitment to excellence extends beyond mandatory training materials. They offer upskilling training materials, empowering team members to stay competitive and excel in their roles. By providing opportunities for continuous learning and development, MOVE fosters a culture of excellence and ensures the continued success of its team members and clients alike.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Sophia Manzanilla‘s journey as a Talent Development Specialist at MOVE is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and commitment to excellence. Through her role, she empowers team members, drives continuous improvement, and contributes to MOVE’s success in the industry. With Sophia’s guidance, MOVE continues to pave the way for excellence in talent development and project management.