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Sophia Manzanilla: Nurturing Excellence in Talent Development at MOVE

Sophia Manzanilla: Nurturing Excellence in Talent Development at MOVE

Sophia Manzanilla steers the course for Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees (MOVE) as our dedicated Talent Development Specialist. With a wealth of experience spanning a diverse range of roles, Sophia’s moves show her resilience, adaptability, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

A Love for Nurturing Talent

Sophia’s journey commenced with a solid 15-year foundation as a Quality Assurance Associate in a BPO company, dedicating her efforts to ensuring service excellence. However, her professional trajectory took a distinctive turn as she delved into freelancing, exploring varied roles that enriched her skill set. She adorned the hat of a Team Lead for a software company, bringing five years of leadership experience to the table. A period of layoffs ushered her into the role of a virtual receptionist, where she assisted patients in booking appointments for clinics—a role that would later evolve into that of a Healthcare Virtual Assistant.

Despite embracing the freelance world, Sophia chose to maintain her corporate job, driven by a hesitancy to part with the benefits and a lingering attachment to the stability it provided. It was during this juncture that MOVE discovered Sophia’s multifaceted expertise and welcomed her into the fold.

Crafting Excellence as a Talent Development Specialist

As a Talent Development Specialist at MOVE, Sophia’s role transcends the conventional positions in other companies. She is the architect of growth for the team members, curating training materials that serve as the building blocks for professional excellence. Drawing on her 15 years of Quality Assurance expertise and five years of leadership experience, Sophia ensures that the training materials are not just comprehensive but also tailored to enhance the skills required for each task.

“I create training materials to enhance the skills of our team members, ensuring they have the knowledge needed for their tasks,” says Sophia. Her responsibilities extend beyond content creation; she meticulously oversees the successful completion and passing of training by new hires, ensuring they are adept before being deployed to their respective clients.

The emphasis on successful training completion is a linchpin in MOVE’s commitment to delivering high-quality services. It’s a strategic move that not only bolsters the reputation of MOVE but also establishes a foundation for long-term client satisfaction, directly contributing to the growth and success of the businesses they serve.

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Fostering Growth

Sophia’s commitment to talent development echoes throughout MOVE’s ethos. The creation of training materials becomes more than a task; it becomes a catalyst for individual and collective growth within the team. By consistently reinforcing the importance of talent development, Sophia ensures that every team member has the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in their roles.

MOVE fosters an environment where continuous learning is not just encouraged but ingrained in the company culture. Sophia’s role becomes pivotal in shaping this culture, where talent development becomes synonymous with professional evolution and success.

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Beyond Tasks: Embracing MOVE’s Inclusive Culture

Yet, for Sophia, MOVE is more than a workplace—an inclusive community promoting continuous learning. “The team dynamics go beyond collaboration; they create a community where colleagues are not just coworkers but collaborative partners,” she shares. MOVE’s environment fosters a sense of belonging, ensuring that everyone feels valued for their unique contributions.

What truly sets MOVE apart for Sophia is the unwavering support from management. “Their approachability and genuine concern for the team’s well-being create a workplace where support is not limited to professional matters,” she notes. At MOVE, the management actively champions their employees, fostering a culture of care and support that extends beyond the professional realm.

Final Thoughts

In the harmonious fusion of a fantastic team and supportive management, MOVE becomes more than a workplace—it becomes a nurturing environment where each day is not just productive but also fulfilling on a personal level. As Sophia Manzanilla continues to shape the trajectory of talent development at MOVE, her journey exemplifies the company’s commitment to excellence, growth, and the well-being of its most valuable asset—its people.