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The Diverse Strengths and Skills of Amanie Hadji Yahya

The Diverse Strengths and Skills of Amanie Hadji Yahya

Communication is at the heart of any business. For Amanie Hadji Yahya, making this her number one strength has paved her way to success in the gig economy. Her journey, which serves as evidence of her world-class talent, is proof of the transformational impact of having empathy and striving for continuous learning with a can-do attitude. The diverse strengths and skills she possesses propelled into further success as an executive assistant; however, these did not spring up from out of nowhere. In this blog, we cover how Amanie’s advocacy for open communication and pursuit of professional development has helped her MOVE to greater heights. 

Crafting a Diverse Skill Set

Amanie started out as a debt collector, building her foundation by capitalizing on her strong communication skills. She revealed to us, “Effective communication is crucial in every facet of my journey, whether negotiating with debtors, collaborating with cross-functional teams, or assisting the CEO”.

As an executive assistant, Amanie cultivated her understanding of the nuances that go into handling difficult conversations with empathy and tact. But Amanie’s aspirations were far from confined to a single domain. Her transition to a team support role at a credit card company allowed her to broaden her expertise in credit operations, risk assessment, and customer service strategies. This diverse exposure significantly expanded her horizons, transforming her into a multifaceted professional.

Amanie adopted the position of executive assistant to the CEO of a debt-collecting organization as she continued to develop her skills. Her extensive skill set was put to use straight away. She was able to manage projects, communications, and schedules with ease thanks to her strong organizational skills and industry knowledge. Beyond administrative duties, Amanie’s unique knowledge of the industry gave her work more depth. She had developed into an essential link between the executive office and the company’s main functions.

Key Strengths: Communication, Empathy, Strategic Thinking

A woman with a wide range of abilities, Amanie considers her skillful communication, profound empathy, and strategic thinking as her major strengths. These qualities, which reflect her experience in a range of professions, have been developed over the course of her journey. Her relationships are based on clear communication, whether she is cooperating across departments or supporting the company. 

Andrew H., whom Amanie is assisting, commended her communicative nature stating, “You have understood and taken instructions well and performed tasks with accuracy and speed. You normally ask good questions about any oddities you find while doing the task which is a big help over just making assumptions and trying to do it completely without asking for help.” 

Amanie’s empathy enables her to overcome obstacles with a human touch, promoting cooperation and understanding. Her ability to think strategically also enables her to understand the wider picture, which aids in making well-informed decisions.

Finding Fulfillment at MOVE

At MOVE, Amanie finds fulfillment in her ability to leverage her extensive skill set to drive positive change. Collaborating with a dedicated team and working closely with the CEO of a debt collections agency has allowed her to make tangible contributions to both the company’s success and the well-being of her colleagues. 

“Seeing the relief as we presented a feasible project plan, along with the CEO’s strong dedication to fairness, cemented my passion for this role.” Amanie expressed that her team efforts with MOVE and an alignment of values has become a big reason she continues to work with us. 

Furthermore, balancing business objectives while nurturing the team’s growth can be particularly gratifying. The ever-evolving nature of the industry keeps Amanie engaged, while MOVE’s initiatives for learning and progress motivates her to keep learning. This is how she has cultivated the diverse skills and strengths that she has today.

Choosing MOVE: A Culture of Support and Growth

Amanie’s love for MOVE has stemmed from our strong company culture that values teamwork, empathy, and mutual support. This environment resonates deeply with her, aligning with the professional’s personal principles and career aspirations. The company’s commitment to assisting one another and forming meaningful connections echoes her belief in the power of collaboration.

According to the executive assistant, MOVE stands out for its thorough approach to professional growth. Amanie and her coworkers are kept up-to-date and knowledgeable in their disciplines because of the emphasis on cutting-edge equipment, relevant apps, and thorough training. This dedication to development and innovation fits in beautifully with Amanie’s drive to take on significant projects and consistently support the success of her team.

The Bottom Line

The diverse strengths and skills of Amanie Hadji Yahya is evident from her journey as a debt collector to an executive assistant. Her success at MOVE is a testament to the value of embracing one’s abilities, encouraging empathy, and relentlessly seeking improvement. MOVE’s dedication to innovation and teamwork is as strong as ever as it works to maximize the potential of varied talents like Amanie. Learn more about our skilled and passionate virtual employees when you follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook. Contact us for more information.