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The Right Fit: Eugene Ofilan

Eugene Ofilan: The Right Fit for MOVE

Eugene Ofilan became a data entry specialist at MOVE because he was just that: the right fit for his role and team. After spending his early days at a Philippine bank, Eugene has proven himself to be the epitome of a trustworthy virtual employee with MOVE. Let’s dig into his story and find out what makes him such an invaluable asset to the team.

the right fit

A Career Evolution

Back in 2013, Eugene’s career started as a data entry officer at a local bank. His role involved processing various financial applications, ranging from credit cards to mortgages. However, it was his meticulous attention to detail and dedication to accuracy that helped him succeed at his job. When the opportunity arose to join MOVE, Eugene saw it as a natural progression in his career journey.

Aligning Experience with Opportunity

“I chose MOVE because my previous work experiences match the available position at the time of my application,” Eugene explains. His tenure at his previous workplace equipped him with the skills and expertise necessary to excel in his role as a data entry specialist at MOVE. The seamless transition allowed Eugene to hit the ground running and immediately make an impact within the organization.

Making a Difference: Why Accuracy Matters

As a data entry specialist at MOVE, Eugene’s primary responsibility is to process disputes from rent consumers across different clients. He recognizes the significance of his role in ensuring that every dispute is handled accurately and efficiently. “Our role is very important since we make sure that every dispute will be processed accurately,” Eugene emphasizes. By doing so, he helps clients avoid potential problems and difficulties related to collection and credit reporting.

Eugene underscores the importance of having a data entry specialist for clients. “Every dispute that we receive needs to be processed accurately to ensure efficiency,” he explains. Eugene ensures he meticulously handles each case, saving valuable time for his client.

A Welcome Change

For Eugene, the transition to MOVE was born out of necessity but it has brought him a great sense of accomplishment. “The travel time from Quezon City to BGC Taguig was very challenging for me,” he recalls. 

The opportunity to work from home offered by MOVE was a welcome change and the right fit for his needs. “MOVE offers a permanent from-home setup,” Eugene says. “This aligns perfectly with my experience and preferences.”

Still, he shares that helping his client is one of his greatest joys. Making an impact on our clients’ businesses is a big motivator for our virtual employees as they continue to grow in their roles.

Final Thoughts

Eugene has enjoyed supporting his client especially because he was the right fit for his role— in terms of experience, skills, and culture. With this, he continues to share his talents with our community as well as his team and clients.