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A Year in Review MOVE

A Year in Review: Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees (MOVE)

As we practice gratitude after a year of transformation, let’s examine Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees (MOVE) and truly celebrate its successes through its values and efforts for success. This year in review reveals the factors that make MOVE a model of excellence for other businesses. 

First Year in Review

Envisioning a Future and Embarking on a Mission

MOVE started with one question, a pivotal one asked by CEO Anthony Geraci, “What is the difference between having someone over Zoom 6,000 miles away and 5 miles away?” The answer to this question is evidenced by the excellent work and diligence of our virtual employees. 

At Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees (MOVE), our vision is to stand as the foremost global partner for businesses in search of customized outsourcing solutions. We strive to empower growth and excellence through providing exceptional talent and an innovative approach. 

According to General Manager Anne Mangahas, “We’re not just a company; we’re a community dedicated to the growth and success of those we serve.” This year in review highlights MOVE’s commitment to cultivating a culture of excellence, promoting client success, and actively contributing to the professional and personal growth of our virtual employees. 

Our mission at MOVE is clear—to connect businesses with the finest virtual talent from the Philippines, offering comprehensive outsourcing solutions that elevate productivity and reduce costs. We provide an avenue for businesses to get lean and improve operational efficiency. 

Promoting Client-Centric Solutions and Excellence

This year in review honors the expansion, creativity, and unrelenting dedication of MOVE’s key ideals. Our core values are represented in the apt acronym C.A.R.E. These not only establish the company’s identity but also mold its promise to MOVE’s clientele. C.A.R.E. stands for client-centric, aspiration for excellence, respect and collaboration, and enthusiasm for innovation. 

For us, being client-centric entails going beyond offering services; it is also about building relationships in which the requirements, objectives, and happiness of the client come first. We strive for greatness by establishing high expectations, accepting difficulties, and making a commitment to ongoing development.

Year in Review

Moreover, we choose to hire people who go the extra mile for their clients. One such example is one of our virtual employees, Katrina Capalos, who shares, “The most fulfilling aspect of my role at MOVE is the ability to directly impact our clients’ businesses positively.” 

Part of the success of MOVE involves the great effort our recruiting team puts into securing quality talent for our clientele. Recruiter Sharlene Tan gives us a glimpse into the care her department puts into connecting with ridiculously awesome talent, “When reviewing resumes and applications, it’s crucial to be thorough. This entails a systematic screening process to quickly eliminate unqualified candidates and focus on those with relevant experience and skills.”

Our success is based on creating this culture of competence, reliability, and teamwork. Furthermore, our passion for innovation motivates us to welcome change, discover uncharted territory, and harness AI’s potential to take the lead in an evolving world. 

Regular Training Courses: Developing Knowledge and Proficiency

MOVE’s success in this year in review can be greatly attributed to its employee empowerment. At MOVE, we provide a thorough 3-day training program to outsourced virtual employees as part of our training methodology. They spend this time fully engaged in our required training materials, making sure they learn the information they need to do their client-related activities.

Furthermore, regular training offers an environment conducive to ongoing development. According to Talent Development Specialist Sophia Manzanilla, “Our training materials feature both theoretical and practical assessments. These assessments serve as valuable tools, allowing us to gauge the depth of their understanding and application of the acquired knowledge.

These skill enhancement opportunities encourage our virtual employees to continue learning as the business world innovates and evolves. “We go a step further by providing upskill training opportunities to enhance their capabilities and contribute to their professional growth,” says Sophia. These efforts guarantee that MOVE’s services continue to be at the forefront of innovation.

Year in Review

One-on-One Coaching: Promoting Resource Accessibility and Open Communication

Beyond offering training courses, MOVE is committed to its employees. One-on-one coaching fosters an atmosphere that is conducive to growth-oriented conversation. Conducted by MOVE’s General Manager Anne Mangahas and Assistant Manager Fae Calizo, these sessions aim to foster open communication and continuous performance improvement.

Members of a team can express their needs, seek resources, and get tips to develop in their roles. Each team member is given the tools they need to succeed in their position thanks to this individualized approach.

Employee Engagement Activities

Activities for Employee Engagement: Boosting Morale and Creating Stronger Teams

Even if the workplace is virtual, this year in reviews demonstrates MOVE’s understanding of how critical it is to provide a sense of community among its employees. Employee engagement initiatives are an essential part of MOVE’s culture, not merely a formality. 

Sharing personal tales and establishing a personal connection raise spirits and inspire workers to give their all to the team. This in turn raises employee satisfaction and performance which have a high correlation. It was found that satisfied employees outperform their counterparts by 147%.

As virtual employee Monica Aleman-Dominguez shares about her experience with MOVE, “They definitely love their employees and give value to their clients.” 

Year in Review

Forward MOVEment

MOVE’s year in review shows a dedication to offering top-notch services that help customers build their businesses. Every activity, every invention, and every collaborative effort is guided by the C.A.R.E. principles, which are fundamental to excellence and client-centricity. Cheers to another year of accomplishments, expansion, and deep relationships at Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees—where C.A.R.E. is a promise kept as well as a value.

In the coming year, MOVE hopes to continue to provide ridiculously amazing talent to ridiculously amazing businesses. With an openness to innovation and dedication to service, MOVE will keep moving forward.