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MOVE First Anniversary Celebration

MOVE Celebrates First Anniversary

On December 7, 2023, Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees (MOVE) joyously marked a significant milestone—their first anniversary. As the premier global partner for businesses seeking top-tier Filipino talent, MOVE has spent the past year connecting ridiculously awesome companies with equally exceptional virtual employees.

First Anniversary

To commemorate this extraordinary achievement, MOVE orchestrated a virtual celebration that transcended the digital screen, embodying the essence of their commitment to fostering a strong community. In a unique and heartwarming gesture, MOVE ensured that the celebration reached their employees even through the screen, providing a delightful spread of food and drinks for each team member. The festive atmosphere extended beyond the virtual realm when, on December 9, 2023, at 9 PM PST, MOVE employees gathered for a collective moment of camaraderie to mark the first anniversary.

How It All Started

MOVE was founded by visionary CEO Anthony Geraci, a seasoned business leader, private lending expert, and lawyer. Anthony, with his multifaceted expertise, recognized the tremendous potential of remote work during the pandemic. Understanding the power of global collaboration, he saw an opportunity to connect businesses with exceptional Filipino talent, leading to the establishment of MOVE.

Anthony’s keen insight into the evolving world of work, coupled with his appreciation for the strong work ethic of Filipinos, laid the foundation for MOVE’s success. His leadership not only reflects a commitment to innovation but also signifies an understanding of the transformative impact that remote work can have on businesses and individuals alike.

Encouraging Camaraderie and Growth

The evening was not just about virtual toasts; it was an opportunity for the MOVE team to strengthen their bonds. The virtual gathering took an engaging turn with a trivia game and pictograph, both designed to challenge and entertain. The questions and answers were intricately woven around MOVE, its members, and its vibrant history, creating a fun and interactive atmosphere to celebrate its first anniversary. This inventive approach showcased MOVE’s dedication to infusing joy into every aspect of their team’s experience, even during virtual celebrations.

The highlight of the evening was the recognition of several outstanding members of MOVE, highlighting their significant contributions over the past year of MOVE’s existence. Awards were presented to individuals who demonstrated exceptional efforts, showcased notable improvements, and exhibited remarkable versatility during this first anniversary celebration.

First Anniversary

This acknowledgment underscored MOVE’s commitment to valuing and appreciating the contributions of each team member, fostering a culture of recognition and encouragement.

The event was expertly hosted by MOVE management, with Anne Mangahas, the General Manager, and Fae Calizo, the Assistant Manager, steering the virtual ship. Their leadership and commitment to creating a thriving community were evident throughout the celebration, setting the tone for an evening of shared achievements and shared aspirations on MOVE’s first anniversary.

Final Thoughts

As MOVE looked back on a year of exceptional partnerships and growth during their first anniversary, the celebration was not just a marker of time but a testament to the strength of their community. Through challenges and triumphs, MOVE has built more than an outsourcing solution; they have cultivated a family of ridiculously awesome individuals contributing to the success of businesses and each other. Here’s to MOVE, a year of remarkable achievements, and the promise of many more years of excellence and camaraderie!