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MOVE Anniversary

The Rise of Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees: A Success Story Unveiled

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about numerous changes in the world of business. From the rise of AI to the start of Zoom meeting mornings, it was a time of transformation. Everyone had to rethink conventional work arrangements and in one case, this has led to a success story.

Acknowledging Worldwide Skill During a Pandemic

In 2020, Anthony Geraci, Esq., a legal and private lending expert, seized the opportunity to pioneer a transformative shift towards Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees (MOVE). This strategic move ensured business continuity and became a game-changer in cost-effectiveness and talent acquisition.

Companies adapted by shifting to remote work, the new normal. Meanwhile, business visionary Anthony Geraci recognized this chance to promote global talent by asking his partners, “What is the difference between having someone over Zoom 6,000 miles away and 5 miles away?” Geraci’s staffing philosophy marked a paradigm shift.

His choice of hiring virtually changed Stratus Financial, his private loan company for would-be aircraft pilots, in a big way. Geraci was hired locally at first, but she quickly realized that working with Filipino Virtual Employees (VEs) had unmatched advantages. The outcomes were encouraging, and with more than forty Filipinos involved, Geraci decided to repeat this kind of success story in future endeavors. 

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The Filipino Advantage

Geraci identified distinctive characteristics that made Filipino VEs stand out. He observed their exceptional diligence, unmatched devotion, and appreciation for work. The core of Stratus Financial was formed by Filipino staff members who shared Geraci’s vision and embodied beliefs.

As Geraci put it, “They NEVER let a week go by without thanking him for giving them a job,” highlighting the sincere gratitude and commitment shown by his international workforce. As a result of this business’s success, Geraci began to advocate for outsourcing, which gave rise to MOVE.

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MOVE: Empowering Businesses Online

MOVE, which was established in December 2022, became apparent as a result of Geraci’s dedication to his sharing outsourcing success story with other American business owners. Using the knowledge he gained by employing more than 100 Filipino VEs for different companies, MOVE developed a platform that links companies with talent worldwide. 

The goal was clear: to make remote work easier and give companies the tools they need to succeed in the digital era.

All of this was a success story because Geraci had already done it before. Chief Operating Officer of Stratus Financial Brandon Martini said that MOVE had a particularly significant impact on the company. Martini continued, “Without MOVE, we couldn’t have started our company and scaled as rapidly as we have.”

When accounting for taxes, healthcare expenditures, and other government-mandated charges, the savings were a startling 65% when compared to hiring equal U.S. people. The facts spoke for themselves.

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MOVE’s Future

Businesses looking for creative solutions can draw inspiration from Anthony Geraci’s vision’s success as MOVE continues to reshape the outsourcing industry. Geographical limitations are no longer an obstacle to building a committed and effective team, as the MOVE model illustrates.

The story of Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees is a mark of the transformative potential of embracing global talent and the endless possibilities that it can activate for businesses ready to adapt and succeed in a world that demands agility and resilience.