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The Virtual Assistant Path

Angelique Rigor: The Virtual Assistant Path

For Angelique Rigor, each day at MOVE is a canvas waiting to be painted with enthusiasm. With communication finesse, teamwork prowess, and self-management skills, this executive assistant dives into her tasks both precision and warmth. The rapid pace of her role necessitates adaptability and work ethic as she goes on the virtual assistant path she didn’t expect to tread.

Life at MOVE

Angge’s academic journey kicked off with a degree in Special Education which may seem worlds apart from her role as an Executive Assistant (EA). Yet, her nearly five years of experience supporting executives speaks volumes about her adaptability and versatility. MOVE isn’t just a workplace for Angge. It is part of her virtual assistant path and is now a platform to share her wealth of knowledge from her years as an EA.

Purpose and Belonging

Moreover, Angge enjoys cultivating human connections at MOVE. The emphasis on supporting employees and providing incentives creates an atmosphere where success is not only attainable but celebrated. It’s a community that values the personal touch, aligning seamlessly with Angge’s own approach to her roles as a wife and mom.

Angge’s journey shows the power of personal resilience and a positive outlook. Her love for her work serves as an inspiration for anyone looking to become a virtual assistant in the modern world, a reminder that success is not just about the destination but the unique and personal twists in the journey.

Wisdom for Aspiring Remote Employees

For those aspiring to tread the virtual assistant path, Angge imparts lessons rooted in her own experiences. She advocates for resilience, urging individuals to persist even in the face of rejection. Embracing failure as a valuable learning opportunity has been a cornerstone of Angge’s success. Her advice echoes the importance of continuous improvement and maintaining a positive mindset.

In conclusion, Angelique Rigor, the vivacious Executive Assistant at MOVE, doesn’t just blend into the virtual landscape—she orchestrates her narrative with a personalized touch. Her journey, from the world of education to the dynamic realm of executive assistance, is a personalized odyssey that mirrors the uniqueness of each day at MOVE. As Angge continues to infuse her vibrancy into her role, let her passion inspire aspiring remote employees who want to become virtual assistants.