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Virtual Water Cooler

Virtual Water Cooler for Remote Work: What is It?

Maintaining communication and encouraging a sense of camaraderie among team members can be difficult when working remotely. Although technology has made communication easier, unexpected exchanges and casual talks that frequently take place around a real water cooler are often missed in virtual environments. At MOVE we have our own “virtual water cooler”, a channel of communication where we can have playful conversations. In this blog article, we’ll examine what it is, its advantages, and how Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees (MOVE) has adapted it to strengthen team bonding.

What is a Virtual Water Cooler?

Remote workers often dub their digital gathering avenue a “virtual water cooler”. It can be a group chat, channel, or messaging board where distant team members to interact socially. It is a digital equivalent to the conventional water cooler, where staff members congregate informally to chat, swap tales, and forge relationships.

The Benefits of a Virtual Water Cooler

The idea of a virtual water cooler has various advantages that support a productive remote work environment:

Enhanced Social Interaction: Working remotely can occasionally feel lonely, but a virtual water cooler gives virtual employees a haven to bond about things outside of work.

Team development: Informal talks promote team development and provide team members the chance to connect over common interests and experiences.

Increased Morale: Talking about things other than work can increase morale, lower stress levels, and make the workplace more pleasurable.

Fostering Company Culture: Even in remote settings, a virtual water cooler fosters company culture by encouraging open communication and a sense of community.

What is MOVE’s Virtual Water Cooler?

At Managed Outsourced Virtual Employees (MOVE), we know how meaningful it is to foster a sense of belonging and connection among our remote team members. To do this, we’ve created not one, but two special WhatsApp group chats, each with its own function for establishing friendships and camaraderie.

Moveables: Recognizing Achievements and Celebrating Milestones

We’ve made a place for management and team members to interact and celebrate successes in our first group chat, appropriately called “Moveables.” Here, commendations are given to workers who excel in their positions in order to recognize everyone’s significant accomplishments. Beyond that, we honor significant anniversaries or the 90-day mark for workers who have been with MOVE. Through regular events, this group chat is also committed to embracing a sense of community. 

Every member has the chance to contribute something about themselves that relates to the theme, whether it be Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or another theme. This creates a fun and engaging environment that goes beyond talking about work-related topics. Additionally, members can use this platform to share queries that will aid them in their duties, fostering an open environment for assistance and direction.

MOVE Kulitan: Bonding Through Playful Connections

In our second group chat, we’ve adopted the lively spirit of the Filipino term “kulitan” in the second group chat, jokingly called “MOVE Kulitan,” which bears a lighter and joyous connotation in Filipino culture, signifying amusing banter and connection. Our Filipino remote workers have a unique forum to communicate and share common experiences in MOVE Kulitan. 

This group chat relies on the delight of shared moments and common interests, from showing off their laptop setups to disclosing the coffee order of the day or even sharing images of their meals and cherished pets. Like the “Moveables” group, “MOVE Kulitan” fosters a supportive environment where team members can ask for guidance and assistance from their peers and encourages inquiries regarding work-related issues.

The Bottom Line

It is crucial to come up with creative solutions to close the communication gaps between team members in the ever-changing world of remote work. The idea of a virtual water cooler offers a helpful answer by simulating the casual interactions that support a productive and motivated workforce. Our virtual water cooler at MOVE is more than simply a chat room; it’s a symbol of our dedication to building a connected and encouraging remote work environment.

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